Stripped (Preview)

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Three young men make an idle wish and are swapped into the bodies of strippers. In order to return to their own lives, they’re forced to compete against each other to see who can pleasure the most customers in a single night.

Ted and Leo stood and all three stared at each other, circling around, eyes gazing up and down at the miles of leg and perfect, tawny skin on display. Ted reached out and softly poked Leo’s breasts. They didn’t budge.

“So,” a familiar, soothing voice spoke up from behind them, “How do you like your wish?”

Ted turned and saw the Stranger leaning against the door, his arms crossed as he surveyed his handiwork. Ted stalked towards him angrily, his body bouncing and jiggling distressingly.

“You tricked us.”

“I gave you what you wanted.”

“Change us back!” He scowled. Even his threats seemed sexy.

“It doesn’t work like that.” The Stranger drew himself up to his full height and toward over all three of the transformed men. He now towered over their smaller forms. Power seemed to radiate off him. Ted took a step back.

“You wanted something from me,” the Stranger continued, his eyes dark and malicious, “I gave it to you. Now you owe me something. I’m sure you’re familiar with these sorts of transactional arrangements?”

“Do you want our souls?” The blonde—Aaron—asked.

The Stranger rolled his eyes. “Nobody wants your soul. There’s a glut of souls. So many people willing to sell that the market’s tanked. I told you, I just want to watch. Entertain me!” The Stranger spread his hands.

“Or what?” Ted asked, trying to sound braver than he felt.

The Stranger shrugged. “I haven’t ever had to think of an ‘or what’. I don’t need to think of an ‘or what’.” The Stranger clapped once.

It was like a bolt of lightning zapped down Ted’s spine. He threw his head back and moaned as his body shivered in pleasure, his new pussy suddenly extremely wet. His entire body was on fire, craving touch. And then he felt two pairs of hands on him as Leo gripped him from the front and Aaron grabbed him from the rear. Leo tossed his wavy brunette hair away from his face and kissed Ted feverishly. Soft lips opened wide, tongue thrusting into Ted’s mouth while at the same time her heavy breasts pressed up against his. Ted tasted her hot minty breath as urgent hands squeezed his soft flesh, sending longing directly to his aching cunt.

The gorgeous blonde pressed up against Ted’s ass, her breasts on his back as she kissed his shoulders, his neck. Each touch of her lips sent a shiver down Ted’s body, the blissful sensations threatening to overwhelm him. Glancing in the mirror he saw three of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen. Two of them were kissing and pawing at the gorgeous brunette between them. It was still hard to believe that the achingly beautiful brunette with the perfectly sculpted face was him.

“You…taste…amazing…” Leo murmured between kisses. “I..can’t…stop…”

Leo’s hands wandered down Ted’s chest, fingers wrapping around the sensitive breasts and, oh god, that felt good. The fingers circled and squeezed, greedy for every inch of Ted’s tits. Ted pried his eyes open long enough to watch the lesbian orgy playing out in front of him, to see his nipples spike out between the dark-haired woman’s fingers. And then he shut his eyes tight as the sensations overwhelmed him. He moaned, long and low, as hands gripped his tits, his ass, slid over his back, down his legs, around to his pussy, his asshole, teasing him.

And then one of Leo’s slender fingers found Ted’s dripping cunt, slipped inside, the warmth penetrating his own. Ted’s legs gave out as an orgasm shuddered through him, his body too sensitive, every sensation cranked up to eleven. He was held upright only by the press of Aaron and Leo as they continued feasting on his oversexed body, fingers sliding inside, tongues lapping at his tits, kissing his neck. The finger inside him pressed up against his swollen clit, rubbed to his rhythm. Ted gasped as another orgasm blew through him. The finger in his pussy was joined by another, and another, his pussy lips opening for them as the pressed inside. He could feel his own wetness dripping down his thighs and suddenly Leo’s mouth was on his as he moaned and came hard, pushing his cunt into his friend’s hand, desperate for pressure against his clit as his body climaxed once more.

The Stranger clapped his hand once and it was like turning off a tap. Leo and Aaron pulled away and Ted leaned his perfect ass against the tabletop behind him, his breasts bouncing up and down as he tried to get his breathing under control. Leo and Aaron looked at him apologetically and mumbled that they couldn’t stop themselves.

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