Deb looked on with dismay as her cat, Princess – now in Deb’s body – dipped her face into the bowl of milk and began lapping it up. The whole time Princess made weird rumbling noises in the back of her throat, as if she were trying to purr with Deb’s vocal cords. Princess had already managed to escape the confines of Deb’s top, though the fishnet tights had proved harder for her to remove with her limited coordination of human hands.
Deb, meanwhile, flicked her tale back and forth and tried to think of her next steps. She would have to convince someone of what happened and get them to fix the machine. All without being able to speak.
Princess made a mess of Deb’s face and she was soon splattered with milk. She sat up, milk dripping down her bare chest, and began trying to clean herself like a cat. Her tongue lapped at her skin as she licked herself clean.
Deb tried flexing her paws, trying to figure out how to get her claws out. She hoped she could scratch out some sort of message for her neighbor. At the very least, she would have someone who could help get her body under control.
With a start, Deb realized that while she’d been thinking, Princess had finished cleaning herself and was now trying to crawl outside through the cat flap. Deb flailed at her former body, batting herself with soft paws, trying desperately to stop her former body from running away.

Chapter 1 of a serial in which a troubled eighteen year old son is magically swapped into his mom’s body and must obey her commands until he learns his lesson. Make Me is too taboo for Amazon and only available on Smashwords or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.

This is the first in a new series of Quickies, which will be shorter, punchier stories that get right to the swapping and sex!


  1. You haven’t been doing much animal captions and i absolutely love those. Please consider doing them more. And switching animals with different genders would be so hot. Like Girls with a male dog and Guy with a bitch and make it a couple special.

  2. There’s loads of potential to turn this into a series. Maybe one of Deb’s trusty neighbors turns out not to be so trusting…and there are benefits to having a girlfriend with a human body and a cat brain.

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