Stranger Inside: A Body Possession Story Collection (preview)

A preview of my newest collection Stranger Inside: A Body Possession Story CollectionΒ (also on Amazon)is below.

Three graphic and intense erotic fantasies featuring men possessing the bodies of beautiful women and exploring their sensual new forms. If you like your erotic fiction explicit and intense you’ll enjoy these stories:

A man with the ability to hop into other’s bodies takes over a beautiful woman that he sees every day on his walk home. He uses his sexuality to tease the neighborhood men, before going off to explore his new body on his own. Before he leaves her body, he sinks some subliminal hooks in her mind to reward himself later.

The Right Woman
A strange wand allows a man to possess for one day anyone he touches with it. Spotting a beautiful stranger in a crowd, he takes his opportunity to take the perfect, feminine body he’s always envied and have some fun inside.

Lauren’s Mind
A young man’s wish is unexpectedly granted, allowing him to slip into the mind of the girl who got away as she lives out her life. Can he influence her actions? Or is he just a passenger in her body?

My walk home from work always takes me by Fancy Pants Park, which is usually filled with a gaggle of beautiful women. The actual name is probably so-and-so Memorial Park, but I call it Fancy Pants Park because it’s in an upscale neighborhood…and it’s a park. The women who hang out there at this time of day always seem to be dressed a little more fashionable and, based on the lack of children with them, they seem to sit there to chat and be seen. Or maybe they’re coming home to their children and nannies after a hard day at the gym or organizing their chakras or whatever it is trophy wives do. They’re well-kept women and they do take care of themselves like it’s their job, which it basically is. Maybe not all of them are trophy wives. At least some of them are there to scope out eligible men with the intention of becoming trophy wives.

I’m not looking for a wife, trophy or otherwise. I’m not into vapid women who obsess about their appearance and what Sarah’s wearing now and oh, can you believe the corner store doesn’t even sell lactose free cheese? I want a woman I can talk to, to be friends with as well as lovers. Though, that doesn’t mean I don’t like to look. All guys like to look.

I particularly like looking at the women who’ve just finished their jog, or are just on the way to the gym. Sometimes if they’re warming up by flexing their perfectly toned bodies I’ll stroll through the park and take the long way round so I can glimpse their solid legs and their trim abs. I don’t want to date these women, but what I wouldn’t give to ride them hard. I don’t like to think of myself as this type of male chauvinist who only sees women as sex objects. But, man, when they’re dressed in their skin-tight athletic gear, their solid bodies half-naked and glistening, trimmed and toned all over…it drives me wild.

And then I see her. The one. Kyla. I see her most days and she always does this to me, even when she’s not dressed as provocatively as she is now. Her beautiful image is seared into my brain, penetrating my thoughts. God, I’d like to do the same to her.

She’s standing right by the bench as I enter the park, stretching for her run. Her perfectly manicured fingernails trace their way down one leg, then the other. The tiny, Lycra shorts hug her slim ass and reveal her long, golden legs. She’s ripped, more fit than me and anyone I know. Her abs nearly ripple with a six-pack but she’s not all skin and bone. Her tight pink top hides some firm breasts and I can see the muscles coiled beneath the smooth skin of her perfect arms. Her dark hair flows down over her shoulders as she changes position, stretching her calves now.

She keeps looking up towards the entrance to the park; she’s got an eye out for someone but it’s not me. We’ve only ever spoken a dozen words to each other and they were all ‘hi’ (Spaced out over several days of course, it would be weird if we said them all at once.). Look, I know I’m no Brad Pitt but my secret weapon is my sense of humor. It’s just that I get tongue tied around this woman and I can’t find a good opening to start a conversation. I only know her name because I overheard her once talking about herself in the third person. What am I going to do? Go up to her and say ‘That’s a really weird way to tell a story. My name’s Tony?’

Her eyes light up and I surreptitiously look around to follow her gaze, which is directed at a guy who’s just entered the park. It’s James. He lives in one of the apartments on the floor below me, and while I don’t know him personally, I know his reputation. He seems to be the neighborhood Lothario. I’ve personally seen a succession of women coming out of his apartment at various times, at least two of whom I’ve seen hanging around this very park as part of the trophy wives, or trophy wife wannabees. The neighborhood gossip is that he’s fucked his way through most of the yoga moms in the park. Kyla can’t seriously be trying to get this guy’s attention can she? She’s been around enough, she must know his reputation. I hoped she was smarter than that, but it’s a very ditsy thing to do: slutting for attention.

As I approach her, her pale blue eyes glance towards me, then away, dismissing me with a tiny flicker of disdain, like I’m not good enough to even speak to her. What the hell is that about? So James is perfect but I’m some kind of scummy asshole? There’s a flash of red behind my eyes as my anger boils over. Without thinking, without checking around to see if anyone’s looking, I hop her.

In a nanosecond my body disintegrates into pure energy and zips towards Kyla’s body. My form separates and enters her mouth, her nostrils and flows down to meet my essence flowing up from her pussy and ass. In less than a blink I’m inside her body looking out.

I’m shorter than I was, but very fit. I can feel the raw power running through her. I brush the long hair behind my face and breath in deeply, running my tongue along my mouth, adjusting to every tiny bit of my new body. Looking down I’m greeted by the sight of her cleavage, clasped firmly beneath her bra. I run my hands over my trim stomach, not an inch of fat to be found. The warm air blows gently across my skin. I feel nearly naked. I’d like to be completely naked but I’m in the middle of the park so I can’t fully enjoy myself. Yet. Instead of exploring her physically, I sift through her mind. I find bits of Freud, titles of papers on psychological studies and most startling, memories of her interviews she carried out as part of her PhD in Sociology. She’s amazingly intelligent and not at all the vapid attention seeker I thought she was, though she does have a pretty high opinion of herself, particularly her body. I can’t say I blame her and, in retrospect, it’s obvious that one can’t keep a body as toned as she has without some sort of narcissistic tendencies.

Her feelings towards James are mixed. I continue stretching as I watch him leaning casually on the gate and chatting with the other women. He’s easygoing but there’s a predatory look behind his eyes. Physically, he’s attractive, with his handsome profile, strong cheekbones and his muscular body. Kyla wouldn’t mind riding him and, in fact, my heartbeat is picking up just watching him. But she knows what he is and she wants to punish him. She wants to tease him, string him along right up to the edge and show him who’s in charge, make him beg for it, then deny him. She wants to dominate him as she has her other boyfriends. I wouldn’t mind that myself.

I strut towards James, my hips swaying back and forth. He looks up at me as I approach, his eyes drinking in my body. I smile seductively and twirl a lock of my long, blonde hair around my finger, playing the ditsy blonde. He straightens slightly as I approach him, a small tell.

‘Hello there,’ I say in Kyla’s soft voice.

‘Hey, it’s athletic girl with her legs of steel,’ he says.

I giggle and look down, then back up at him, playing coy.

‘I see you around here a lot,’ I say.

‘I live right over there,’ he says, maintaining eye contact as he gestures to the building behind him. ‘This is kind of my backyard. I’ve seen you here, too. I never forget a pretty face.’

I lean against the opposite side of the fence facing him. I bring my face close to his as I stretch out my toned arm and point across the park. He follows the soft curve of my arm with his eyes.

‘That’s my building,’ I say, ‘But this side of the park looks much nicer. What do you think of this particular part of the park?’ I ask, running my fingers through my soft hair and leaning over to stretch my lean body from side to side, shaking my cleavage for his benefit.

‘It’s a great view,’ he says, his eyes lingering on my breasts. ‘In fact, you can see all the way to the lake from my apartment.’

‘I’d love to see that. How about tonight?’

He raises his eyebrows ever so slightly. Have I been too forward? Does he like them playing hard to get? Then:

‘It just so happens I’ve got a nice bottle of red I’d hate to see go to waste.’

So James doesn’t care how easy it is to get them, as long as he gets them. Won’t he be disappointed.

I arrange to meet at his apartment later that night, then excuse myself to go shower and change. I walk back across the park towards Kyla’s apartment slowly, feeling his eyes on my ass. I can feel this is how Kyla likes to work, using her body to control men. She’s very good at it. And now I’m using her body to do the same. Every step of her muscular legs, every sway of her hips just drives home how wonderfully fit she is, how perfect her form is. How perfect my form is now. My excitement rises as I get nearer and nearer her place, where I can finally explore this body.

By the time I get back to her apartment there’s already a slow, pulsing warmth between my legs as I imagine what I’m going to do in Kyla’s body. As soon as I shut the door I lean against the wall and my hands fly to my new breasts. I squeeze them gently, my fingers sinking into my tight, pink top, jiggling the warm flesh beneath my fingers, lifting and dropping my breasts. Her athletic gear is so tight, so confining, showing off every inch of her smooth curves. I love it. I stick out my stomach and glide my hands down it, feeling the hard abs beneath my smooth skin, enjoying the sight of Kyla’s trim body, performing at my command.

My hands slide down over the Lycra fabric around my waist, back behind my thick butt and squeeze, sending a burst of pleasure like the world’s best massage through my form and I sigh happily in Kyla’s voice, ‘Ahh’. My hands continue their exploration, sinking between my thighs over the top of my clothes, pressing the tight fabric of my shorts deeper into myself. Kyla’s body opens for her probing fingers. I can feel the lips of my pussy moistening, spreading for myself beneath the black shorts as I push deeper inside, pressing hard against the nub of her clit, held back by the form fitting spandex.

One of my hands returns to my tits, squeezing harder, trying to pinch the nipple beneath the tight top as it eludes my grasp, driving me wild. I try to force my other fingers deeper into myself. I can feel my own warmth, my own wetness and I press my hips against my hand, straining to penetrate myself further, held in place by my tight fitting athletic gear. A brief orgasm slips through me and I shudder and gasp lightly. ‘Oh!’ I bite my lip and redouble my effort.

My shorts are sopping wet now; I’m so horny for myself. I gaze down at Kyla’s form as I make her pleasure herself, watch her petite body in workout clothes wriggle in pleasure as I make her squeeze her tits harder beneath the tight, pink top, rub against her budded clit faster until the pleasure flares through me once more and I cry out, louder this time. ‘Oh, yes!’ and lean my head against the wall, closing my eyes and enjoying the orgasm pouring through my body, the sweet release of tension so welcome.

After a minute the wave recedes and I drift back down to Kyla’s body. My shorts are dripping with my lust and the room is thick with the smell of my pussy. My pussy. God, I love having such a tender pussy, such an athletic body. Kyla and I are going to have some more fun, but first we’ve got a boy to tease.

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