Still in love

"Eww, gross! Stop!" Kelly and Brody squealed as they watched their parents -- now in their teenage children's bodies -- make out.
Brody caught a glimpse of his former hand groping one of his sister's tits before both parents pulled away, blushing wildly.
"Sorry, kids, you know how it is. You were young once," their dad, Eric, said, his hands never leaving Kelly's body.
"Stop it," their mom, Lori, said, hitting him playfully.
The Great Shift had swapped the two parents into their own children's bodies. They still loved each other and the hormones of their new bodies drove them crazy. They couldn't stop touching and kissing each other, which drove their kids crazy watching them do all that in their former bodies. It was small comfort that none had changed genders, but even this small comfort didn't make up for Kelly's disgust when she walked in on them fucking each other.
Her blonde body was rocking up and down on her brother's dick, as her brother's hand clutched her plump ass. Kelly's former breasts were in her brother's mouth and her parents were both moaning, caught in the throes of passion. Even the sound of a horrified Kelly wasn't enough to make them stop. Her mom just turned her head, still riding her brother, and bit her lip, looking somewhat abashed. Neither of them had a chance to say a word as just then Brody thrust up and came, groaning as he emptied himself into Kelly's former body, and Lori threw back her head and cried out in delight as her daughter's orgasm burned through her.
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