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Zapper’s kindly supplied a sequel to Keeps Going and Going and Going. If you haven’t checked out Zapper’s page yet do it! Some smoking hot stuff over there.


Leah slowly pushed the door open. The scent of sex filled the air and she grinned at the sight before her. The tight athletic feminine ass with a sexy curve of hips that led to a tight waist wasn’t as intriguing as that of the woman’s head bobbing up and down on her neighbor, Harry’s, magically enhanced cock. The look of carnal bliss on Harry’s face made Leah chuckle as she tossed her clothes to one side.

Moving forward Leah felt her new cock get harder and harder at the sight of her husband, in her former body, working Harry’s dick. The idea of her big, strong, masculine, and overly domineering husband now caught in her petite body, awash in feminine desires, caused her new nine-inch schlong to become painfully hard. ‘I can’t believe that spell is working!’ Leah thought as she moved directly behind Tom.

Earlier in the week while Tom had been at work Harry had stopped by asking if Leah could help him translate some old Latin from what looked like a spell book head inherited from his Great-Aunt. The project had taken most of the day but it proved well worth it. There were a number of spells they thought sounded like fun, particularly the body-swapping spell, and the spell to enhance arousal, stamina, sensitivity, and sexual-gratification.

“You know; we could give this a try.” Harry said winking at Leah. “I must confess, I’ve always thought you were really hot and I’ve wanted to fuck you since you and Tom moved into the neighborhood.”

Leah looked at her nerdy, greasy, and slightly creepy neighbor and suppressed a shudder. Then a wicked idea hit her, and her heart started to race. “Maybe there’s a way you can have your way-with-me.” Then as she laid out her plan, as she did felt her nipples start to get hard and a moist ache filled her crotch.

“Oh, yeah, that would be totally fun!” Harry agreed.

Now Leah used one of her large masculine hands to grip her former soft, luscious hip, with her other hand she guided her cock to her former pussy noticing it was still wet from recent use.

“Hmmmfph?” Tom tired to pull back from Harry’s cock, shocked at the new male member knocking at her soft feminine gates, but Harry’s hand on the back of her head prevented her from moving. Leah spreading Tom’s pussy lips with the helmet of her cock slowly teased her husband running it up and down those swollen outer lips, spreading them and coating her shaft in Tom’s juices.

“I can’t tell you how hot this is baby!” Leah whispered in Tom’s deep voice. “Seeing you on your knees with your delicate lips wrapped around a hot hard shaft!” Then she slowly pushed into Tom’s cunt, with one strong slow thrust. “Aaahhhhhh . . . god-damn, Tom, you’re so tight! Oh, fuck, yeah, this feels soooo good!”

“Eeiii” Tom gasped, his mouth still full of Harry’s cock, his eyes going wide as Leah drove her man-meat to the hilt in his pussy. Then Leah grabbed both of Tom’s curved feminine hips and started thrusting. At the same time Harry snapped his fingers and Tom shuddered as another orgasm washed through him. Unable to control himself he clinched down on his former cock with his inner ring of muscles as his body spasmed . . . the pleasure was so intense he could hardly think. Then the cock in his mouth started twitching, and suppressing his wife’s gag-reflex he pushed the shaft into his throat, deep-throating Harry just as hot jets of cum filled his belly.

Leah leaned forward reaching under Tom to massage his clit with one hand and breast with her other hand. “God, Tom, I love having you on all fours, taking my cock like the submissive little slut you always wanted me to be!” Leaning forward Leah continued, “Tell, baby, do you love your hot little body? Do you love it when you’ve got a big fat cock inside you? Do you love the taste of cum!”

Slowly, Tom pulled her lips away from Harry’s meat and looked over her shoulder into her former face. “I-I . . . oh, god help me, yes. P-Pleas don’t stop!”

“Tell me you love being my little fuck toy!” Leah said continuing her slow thrusting.

“I-I love being your fuck toy!” Tom gasped.

Picking up the pace of her thrusting Leah laughed, “You were always the big strong man. But I knew, deep inside, you are all woman! Do you love your breasts?” As she said this she twisted Tom’s nipple with one hand still reaching around from behind.

“Yes.” Tom whispered.

“Do you love your little-clittie?”


Grabbing both of Tom’s hips Leah picked up the pace roughly thrusting into Tom. “Admit it, you should always have been a woman!”

“I-I . . . yes” Tom gasped tears of pleasure leaking from her eyes and Harry snapped his fingers. This time when the orgasm hit Tom, it was like crack-cocaine, his whole body exploded in carnal bliss. Now unable to hold back Leah threw back her head “Oh, fuck, yeah!” and shot a fresh load of cum deep into Tom’s womb.


  1. Wow, M, thanks for posting part 2. That picture goes perfectly with the story.

    Oh, and just so everyone knows, “Twisted TG Files” isn’t my site. Doc VS asked me to be his partner/collaborator on the site. I was a little reluctant to commit to it but after talking with Doc, he convinced me to give it a try. So far its been a lot of fun.


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