Stick your dick inside

"Stick your dick inside right now," Hank demanded, spreading his teacher's legs apart. "So we can swap back."
"How do you know this is even going to work?" Charlotte replied, pausing behind him, her cock already erect.
"That's what the spell said," Hank lied.
Hank had cast a spell to swap bodies with his hot teacher. Once inside, he'd thoroughly explored her body, squeezing his little tits and stroking himself to orgasm. Fortunately, Charlotte's husband wasn't due home for several hours, so Hank had her body all to himself.
He called his former body and pretended to be frantic, telling Charlotte he was messing around and hadn't intended to swap their bodies. She came over and he convinced her that the only way to swap back was for her to cum inside him. Though the opposite was true. Cumming inside him would seal the swap, and Hank desperately wanted to do it before they were interrupted by Charlotte's husband.
"I don't know," Charlotte said, "It feels so weird."
Hank grabbed her dick. It was so warm and perfect beneath his fingers. "You need to do this," he insisted.
He guided his former cock between his new legs and up against his entrance. Charlotte didn't comment on how slick he already was, the excitement at owning her body enough to make his pussy wet. She plunged inside, filling him for the first time and he dropped to all fours. He raised his head and cried out as she fucked him. She grabbed his hips and sank deep into his aching pussy until she came, filling him with hot cum and sealing the spell forever.

5 previously published erotic body swapping stories by M Wills in Body Switch Collection: Volume 10, available on Smashwords or Amazon.

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  1. Love this cap! Would you be interested in making a follow-up in which Hank pretends to be Charlotte around her husband? Maybe even have Hank-in-Charlotte convince him that her student is obsessed with her, and that she needs protection from him.

    Thanks so much for all your stories! Can’t wait to buy your next body theft/impersonation one! Hoping you make more mom-son swaps, too, especially ones caused by the son.

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