Stealing the Cheerleader’s Body (Preview)

It’s a return to form with my latest twisted adventure Stealing the Cheerleader’s Body, available on Smashwords, Amazon, and wherever ebooks are sold. Check out the preview below.

My sister is your typical head cheerleader: blonde, gorgeous and incredibly cruel. She’s both detested and desired by everyone. With an ill-considered wish, I’ve ended up swapping bodies with her for just one day.

Now I’ve got just one day to pretend to be her in order to teach her a lesson that will last a lifetime. One day to show her how it feels to be shunned. One day to wring every bit of pleasure out of her gorgeous, young body.

I’m finding it hard to keep my hands off my new body and off everyone else. But that’s okay. The best way to embarrass my sister is to give in to my desires.

This 12,000+ word story contains themes of body swapping, first time feminization, male to female gender swapping, and explicit solo, male/female and group scenes.

I woke up tangled in someone else’s sheets. Upon opening my eyes I saw I was in someone else’s bedroom. The walls were painted a light rose, and the sheets I was tangled in were pink and frilly. There was a dresser against one wall with a mirror above, the top cluttered with jewelry boxes, necklace stands and a few small unicorn statues. Stuck into the side of the mirror were a few photos of my sister and her boyfriend. One of the closet doors stood open and through it I could see a few of her dainty outfits.

The hell was I doing in my sister’s room?

I pushed myself into a sitting position and felt a weight tugging on my chest. My mouth gaped open as I looked down at myself and saw my sister’s body: golden hair fell messily across my shoulders, slender breasts pressed against the sheer fabric of my nightshirt, the nipples pushing out like two tiny thimbles. A pair of pink panties were nestled between smooth thighs and, throwing the sheets off in shock, I saw her long, bronzed legs and petite toes, the nails painted a bright pink. I wiggled my tiny toes, watched them move at my command.

I was breathing hard, staring down at my sister’s body in disbelief. I wiggled my fingers and watched them respond. I brought my hands up to my chest, hesitating a second before gripping my tits, feeling the weight of them. This was real all right.

I stood and walked to the mirror over the dresser, pushing the fine, blonde hair out of my face. Somehow, I was a half-naked 18-year-old woman and I felt crazy sensual, my body jiggling in strange ways with each step. As I approached the mirror my sister’s face came into view, her mouth still open in surprise, her tiny, dark eyebrows arched across pale green eyes in astonishment. I closed my mouth and watched her mirror image do the same. I leaned closer to the mirror until I could see the tiny freckles across the bridge of her upturned little nose. My eyes flickered over my new face, examining my light green eyes flecked with gold as I brought the fingers of one hand up and felt my soft cheek, dragged my fingers across my nose, feeling my gently curved nostrils and my plump lips.

What in the fucking fuck?? I’d turned into Christen. I’d become my sister: a pretty, popular, bitchy cheerleader. How was this even possible? I was hyperventilating, which caused my breasts to heave up and down and just made the problem worse. Panic wasn’t going to help. I gripped the dresser, closed my eyes and took deep breaths, in through my—tiny, button—nose and out through my—soft, cherry ripe—lips.

After a minute or two I had calmed down enough to think rationally. My palm was itchy. I scratched it, felt some lightly raised bumps, and looked down to see the word “GRANTED” already disappearing from my skin. The coin. I’d made a wish and apparently it had been granted.

What, exactly was the wish? I thought hard, trying to remember the words I’d said before the coin burned my hand. Something about being there for one day so she gets what she deserves? Yes, that was it. The coin must have taken it to mean I wished to be my sister for one day. I hoped it was only one day. That was all I needed. One day to take her body and do whatever I wanted with it. To get revenge for all her bitchy, petty actions. To totally and completely enjoy myself with no consequences. For me, anyway.

Holy hell, this might actually be pretty sweet.

In real life I was a virgin and had only ever seen a naked woman on the internet. So, despite this delicate body belonging to my sister, I was intrigued to see myself naked. I opened my eyes and stared down at my new body, at the enticing curves pressing out beneath my shirt. I gripped the hem of my shirt and pulled it off over my head, then brushed the blonde hair out of my eyes and stared down at my beautiful tits. Fuck, my sister’s tits were amazing. Big enough so I could only just cup one in each hand, which I did immediately. They were warm and comfortingly weighty. The skin was flawless, the curves wonderfully perfect and capped with delicate pink areolae. I jiggled them gently, watched the flesh bounce hypnotically.

I twisted around to get a glimpse of my new ass. Tight and perky. Jesus, she really did have a perfect body. I was a walking wet dream. I gripped one ass cheek and squeezed it, marveling at how soft and smooth my sister’s skin was. My fingers wandered towards the crack of my ass…

There was a frantic knocking at the door followed by a whispered voice. My old voice.

“Neil! Neil!”

It could only be one person. If I was in Christen’s body, that must mean…

“Hello, sister dear,” I smiled a winning smile as I opened the door.

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