Request: Hey! Can you do a caption where I make a wish asking for two twin sisters from my school to appear in my own room and constantly want to have sex with me, but instead it splits my mind into both of their bodies and since I am in each of their bodies I constantly want to have sex with myself.

Jon was in his room late one night when he saw a shooting star outside his window. On the spur of the moment he made a wish.
“I wish I was with the hot twins from my class, Faith and Grace, and they constantly wanted to have sex with me.”
No sooner had he finished his wish than the world shifted around him. There was a vertigo-inducing effect of seeing multiple bedrooms at once. As he sat up in twin beds in different rooms, he realized that his consciousness had been split into two people. He was somehow inside both twins.
With some effort, Jon got his two bodies up and out of bed. They padded downstairs away from their parents’ room and met up in the kitchen. Staring at himself in his twin bodies was sort of like looking in a mirror. Jon’s hearts were pounding as he stared at himself from within Faith and Grace. There was a pent-up tension within each body and it soon became obvious that Jon was horny for himself.
He tossed off Grace’s top and fumbled with Faith’s shirt, only managing to get it lifted over one delicate breast before his bodies were pressed together. He kissed himself, feeling the soft lips of each twin from both sides, their tits pressed together, warm bodies entwined. Their dual horniness grew on each other until they were writhing on the floor, moaning as they kissed and fondled and fingered each other, each sensation shared between the two bodies until they orgasmed together, their twin pleasures making them cry out in ecstasy.
It took some getting used to controlling both women at once. It also took some getting used to the constant horniness for himself, and he would slip away often, into the toilets, or an empty room, or hurry home after school so he could feast on each body some more.

Layton is trapped in a beautiful body that is not his own, filled with strange new vampire powers as well as a lust for blood, and hated or feared by everyone in Lord Covaci’s castle. Can he escape and return to his own life? Or will he be trapped forever as his dark lord’s mistress? Dark Lord’s Mistress 2 is available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.


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