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Get in Here (F2M Body Theft)
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Emily’s handsome boss is utterly reliant at her while completely dismissive of women in general. When Emily gets handed a code to a website that lets her swap bodies with her boss, suddenly she gets to play the role of alpha male and teach him his lesson while also having the time of her new life.

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Three young men make an idle wish and are swapped into the bodies of strippers. In order to return to their own lives, they’re forced to compete against each other to see who can pleasure the most customers in a single night.

XXX Factor
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Four frat guys are punished by being transformed into their ideal pornstars:

the blonde bombshell
the Thai goddess
the ebony beauty
and the sexy girl next door.

All they have to do to get their bodies back is go the whole day without sleeping with a man. But in their new sex starved bodies, and on a college campus surrounded by eligible guys, that’s easier said than done.

Little Pink Pill
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Dan and Michael are two brothers who’ve never been really close. But that all changes when Michael doses his brother with pills that can instantly swap a person’s gender.

Deep Undercover
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Claire is an undercover detective, betrayed and forcibly body swapped by the stripper who pretended to help her. While Claire is stuck in the stripper’s impossibly curvy body and with physical urges she can barely control, the stripper is busy using Claire’s career to enrich a drug baron, sleeping with Claire’s boyfriend, and trying to silence Claire — the real Claire — for good.

Substitute Teacher
Smashwords or Amazon

It was supposed to be Chris’s dream come true: a body swap with his hot teacher for Swap Class. But then a troublemaker was plopped into his class at the last minute and ended up in the teacher’s body. And the bully intends to explore every inch of her body while Chris watches on.

Primed for Takeover
Smashwords or Amazon

Emily has the proverbial all – youth, wealth and a luscious body that’s absolutely screaming for attention. But her life is about to change when she meets a mysterious older woman. All seems fun until Emily discovers that the woman wants to take over her life and her body…and has the means to do so.

Stealing the Cheerleader’s Body
Smashwords or Amazon

Swapping bodies with his sister for a day has given Neil the chance to finally punish her for her cruelty. And the best way to punish her is to give in to his every desire.

Mirror Mirror

Alyssa thought she’d lost everything when her twin sister imprisoned her in a cell and assumed her identity. Trapped and in despair, Alyssa thought she had nothing else to lose. She was wrong; she still had her body. Until her sister came to transform that, too.
Smashwords or Amazon

A young man’s life is turned upside down when he finds a website that allows users to possess anyone’s body…for a price.

Ticket to Ride
Smashwords or Amazon
She’s a gorgeous, sexy stranger and soon I’ll be inside her body and able to explore at my leisure.

Fed Up: Controlled by the Bully Part Three (Mom/Son swap)
I have to escape from inside my mom’s body before the bully forces the ultimate act of humiliation on me. The conclusion of the dark, twisted trilogy involving male to female body swapping, MILFs, mind control, forced feminization, forced masturbation, MMF, forced pleasure, interracial, and steamy erotic scenes.

Filled Up: Controlled by the Bully Part Two (Mom/Son swap)
Smashwords (exclusive)
I’m still inside my mom’s body, and now the bully is treating me like a gift to his friends. Part two of a dark, twisted tale involving male to female body swapping, MILFs, mind control, forced feminization, forced masturbation, MMF, forced pleasure, and steamy erotic scenes.

Switched Up: Controlled by the Bully Part One (Mom/Son swap)
Smashwords (exclusive)
A young man is swapped into his own mom’s body and controlled by the school bully with a high-tech collar. He’s at the bully’s mercy, forced to humiliate and pleasure himself at the bully’s whim and in every manner possible. And with anyone the bully wants.

Becoming His Crush
Smashwords or Amazon
Greg had been dreaming about her for months, and now that he was in his dream girl’s body he was going to do everything he’d imagined!

Smashwords or Amazon!
Five friends are punished by being transformed into the women of their desires. Their only hope of changing back is escaping within an hour, otherwise they’ll be stuck in their new, gorgeous forms forever.

Family Affair
Smashwords (exclusive)
Michael was embarrassed to be seen clothes shopping with his mom in the mall. But when two strangers took control of their bodies, the day got much worse. Trapped in their own bodies, mother and son can only look on and experience every sensation as they’re forced to get more intimate than they’ve ever imagined.

Mystery Man
Smashwords or Amazon
She’s a beautiful woman who’s just been returned to her body after being forcibly swapped with a fat slob. He’s a detective with ties to the body switcher. Together they’re trying to find out what he made her do in the missing year of her life.

Taboo Swaps
Smashwords or Amazon
Brothers swapping bodies with sisters, sons swapping bodies with mothers, and all exploring their sensual new bodies. This collection brings together 8 previously published stories of taboo body possession fun in one giant package.

Using Her
Smashwords or Amazon
I need some closure from my sometimes-girlfriend, and I’m going to get it by possessing her body.

The New Mom
Smashwords or Amazon
Alyson is a self-centered, stuck up college student who uses her body to manipulate and tease men. Paula is Alyson’s mom, a chubby, harried woman whose best days are behind her and who is ashamed of her daughter’s choices. When the two switch bodies, they have to deal with their new limitations…and their new sexual urges.

Watch Me
Smashwords or Amazon
A man’s life is turned upside down when he’s gifted with some magic that allows him to swap bodies with the MILF next door.

Smashwords or Amazon
An ordinary day gets turned upside down when four high school guys discover a potion that lets them inhabit the bodies of their classmates and explore their deepest desires.

Boldly Coming 
Smashwords or Amazon
Thanks to some strange magic, a group of guys find themselves transformed into the sexy women from their favorite star trekking science fiction series. Can they find a way to change back? And, after experiencing the full spectrum of female pleasure, do they even want to?

Young Again
Smashwords or Amazon
Samuel is old. His daughter is exasperated with him. His granddaughter barely tolerates him. But everything changes when he discovers a spell that allows him to swap bodies with his buxom daughter and experience life all over again as a gorgeous, curvy female.

Coming Together
Smashwords or Amazon
These guys weren’t looking for love when they took over the bodies of two beautiful women, but something happened while they were enjoying themselves.

Smashwords or Amazon
They just wanted to watch a porno, not be in one. But that’s exactly what happens when a stranger stops by with a magical gift. Now these four friends are stuck in sexy, female bodies and have to navigate Pleasureville, a city straight out of every porn movie ever made. Can they escape before they’re forced to star in their own fantasy scene?

Mind Games
Smashwords or Amazon
Tina swaps bodies with a prostitute to test her husband. A high school girl swaps bodies with the school bully and now he won’t give her body back. These two erotic body swapping stories feature explicit sexual content of people exploring their stolen bodies.

Demon Seed
Smashwords (exclusive)
Jay expects a weekend away with his family to be boring…until he unleashes an ancient demon. She’s a lust demon, forced to obey Jay’s will and with the ability to possess any woman she touches. But with each sexual encounter the demon grows stronger. Can Jay stop her before it’s too late? And what–or who?–does he have to do to stop the demon from breaking free and enslaving the world?

Hostile Takeover
Smashwords or  Amazon
Paul envies Rose. He wants her marriage, he wants her body, he wants her life. With the help of a little magic he’s able to have all three. Now Rose is trapped, helpless in her own body as Paul takes over. He’s making her do things she would never do…and feel things she hasn’t felt in years.

Someone Else
Smashwords or Amazon
Two erotic body theft stories: In one, a teen possess his teacher for a few days of fun with his friends. In the other, a young man is swapped into the body of a celebrity and forced to earn his own body back through learning empathy.

I Stole My Mom’s Body (and I Stole My Sister’s Body)
Smashwords or Amazon
A son takes over his mother’s life. A man explores his friend’s female form. Both stories feature raw, heart-pounding explorations of men enjoying their feminine features, and pushing their bodies to new heights of pleasure.

In the Doghouse
Smashwordsor Amazon
An experiment has swapped Jenny into the body of her dog, and if she doesn’t get swapped back soon the change may be permanent. Her dog has gained her human abilities and memories, and already enjoyed the feel of her curvy new body. Includes a bonus story in which a young man takes over the body of his athletic friend for a day to explore her muscular form and experience life from the female POV.

Smashwords or Amazon
Katie’s life is no longer her own. There’s a spirit in her body, a man controlling her, using her to satisfy himself. He can make her do anything he wants…and she can see and feel it all.

Thought Experiment
Smashwords or Amazon
A teen invents a machine that allows him to peek into the minds of others, but something goes wrong when he tries it on his sisters and he finds his thoughts in their bodies. Also includes a bonus story featuring a brother and a sister who get swapped into their parents’ bodies at a most intimate time.

Possessive: A Body Theft and Revenge Story
Smashwords or Amazon
When the school bully finds a ring that lets him possess people, he takes over the life of everyone who’s wronged him for the ultimate revenge.

Alternate You
Smashwords or Amazon
Ethan was always slightly uncomfortable in his body and often thought everything would be perfect if he was a woman. One night a strange app grants his wish and he wakes up in universe where everything is the same, except him. Now Vanessa, he explores his new life and relationships. But will becoming a woman solve his problems or make everything worse than before?

The Price of Wishing
A bitter man finds a magic coin that lets him get revenge on his coworkers and the world, but there are some terms and conditions attached.

Switching Campus
Amazon and Smashwords
Frankie is a bully who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. When he finds a magic ring that lets him swap people into other bodies he uses it to create chaos. Along with his two buddies he roams campus swapping bodies at a whim and discarding them when he’s done.

Into Her Body
Smashwords, Barnes and Noble or Amazon
A laboratory accident switches a young man into the body of a middle-aged female colleague.

The Swapping Stone
Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon
How would you react if you suddenly found yourself in an attractive stranger’s body? Mason is a senior in high school who’s got a crush on his friend’s girlfriend. One day he finds a strange stone which accidentally makes him swap bodies with her mother. Now he’s a MILF and she’s a horny teenage boy and they each have to pretend to be the other until they can swap back.

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Just Passing Through
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