It had been several hours and Justin was sure that the whore who had stolen his body wasn’t coming back. He uncomfortably shifted his slim, sexy legs and tried to figure out what to do. The night before he had picked up some whore and brought her back to this cheap motel. He thought he got a good bargain when she agreed to anal sex for only $150. She had a great ass and Justin had really pounded her before making her lick his dick clean. He then tossed some money on the floor and fell asleep.

He woke up some time later with a sore ass and when he turned around to investigate he found himself looking down the curvy backside to the the tight little ass he’d been pounding the night before. He grabbed the long hair hanging around his face and looked under the covers at his new breasts. He squeezed a nipple. Ouch! Ok, this wasn’t a dream. Somehow that bitch had switched bodies with him. He got up and limped to the mirror where, just as he suspected, he saw his new face. He examined his cute button nose, slim eyebrows, dark eyes and the luscious lips that had been wrapped around his cock only the night before.

She’d even left a note on the dresser:

Dear asshole, hope you had fun last night because that’s the last time you’ll be on the giving end of a cock. I’ve taken your body, your money and all my sexy clothes so good luck getting out of this hotel. I’m sure someone will help you out, I wonder how you’ll have to pay him?


  1. Look behind you. I can cover my self in the very thing covering the 🪟 .
    Next find a homeless shelter, and get free clothes.
    3rd get a job you do okay makeing $200 every 31 days in a English speaking Nation.

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