Running Around (Preview)

My newest body possession story, Running Around, is now available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview below!

Tony’s girlfriend, Liz, has finally agreed to let him possess her body while on vacation. While she’s awake and aware, a passenger in her own body, Tony explores her sensual form, luxuriating in her athletic ability before settling down to share in her sexual pleasure.

But Tony’s not content with just one woman. When Liz meets up with a former colleague and rival, Chrissy, Tony decides it’s time for the two women to reconcile their differences. He hops into Chrissy’s body and, with the help of his girlfriend, explores his newest form before taking it out for a spin. He’s determined to leave Chrissy better off than when he found her, and if that means he has to ride with his stallion of a best friend then so be it.

This 10,000 word story contains intense erotic scenes of solo, F/F, and M/F play as well as body possession and body theft.

My breath comes faster as we run and my feminine body is soon covered in a light sheen of sweat, but Liz runs on. There’s a determination needed to run, something I don’t have. In my own body, I very quickly reach the ‘this sucks, this sucks, this sucks’ phase and quit. But Liz’s body pushes on, down past the stalls setting up for the morning, past the cafes and shops, past the outdoor gym where everyone’s trying to be the next Schwarzenegger, all the way until the lane ends at Venice Beach and then back again. Only when we get back to our starting point, with the Ferris Wheel behind us, does she slow and then stop at a park near the edge of the path.

Liz’s heart pounds while she walks around in slow circles, one hand on her back, taking deep breaths. Her body is slick with sweat. I can feel it running down between her breasts, down her legs. Liz wipes her forehead and her hand comes away shiny. Fuck. I want her so much right now. I want to push forward and take her right here and right now. I’m so goddamn slippery, something about running my hands over my slick body is almost too much. Her hand slips down across her crotch.

“Hello,” she says, pleasantly surprised, “I’m not usually this wet after a run.”

Can I take control? Please?

“Not yet,” she says, then settles on a patch of grass for some stretches.

Liz puts one long limb out in front of her, leaning into the stretch, grasping one foot and leaning forward until her nose just about touches her leg. Then she repeats on the other side. I’m so limber and I’m so in love with Liz’s body. She does a few yoga poses, arches her back and I’m hyper aware of my cute ass sticking out, my own curves driving me crazy. Every time she slides her fingers down her body I want to keep going, sliding down her thighs and into my dripping pussy.

Liz bites her lip and breathes heavily. “Fuck. Do I really turn you on this much?”

All the time. Can I have you now?

“Okay, but remember, it won’t be all fun and games – I’ve got to meet up with Chrissy this morning.”

Chrissy is a former colleague of Liz’s. When they worked together they were extremely competitive, going after the same publications, the same promotions and, often, the same men.

No problem.

“Enjoy,” Liz says.

I push forward and take control of my wife’s body, leaving her awake and conscious. Finally, it’s me as the cute blonde and there’s only one thing I want. I usually hate running but, this is one time, I don’t mind. I jog back to our bungalow, lock the door and close the curtains before falling onto the bed and plunging my hand down my sweat soaked shorts.

My fingers land on the lips of my pussy, already spreading wide for me, and Liz moans in my head as I moan in her gorgeous voice. I slide my fingers up and down my slit, just enjoying the rough pubic hair beneath my touch. I press lightly against my hidden clit, feel it begin to grow and reveal itself. I’m wet, so deliciously wet. I lift my legs in the air and yank off my shorts, gazing down at my pussy, nestled between my golden, sweat soaked thighs. My pussy lips are already swollen and, spreading myself with my fingers, I gaze into my wife’s pink folds.

I usually hate looking at myself, Liz says inside my mind, but with you inside, it’s the most amazing sight.

“I agree,” I whisper, as I slide a finger inside myself, watch my lips fold around my digit, feel myself being penetrated as I watch myself doing the penetrating. I shiver uncontrollably, a mini-orgasm brought on as much from the resolution of anticipation as from the physical pleasure. The feeling makes my legs clench together and squeezes a gasp from my lips. My other hand comes up and grabs my sports bra, gripping hard at the tits beneath the slippery fabric. I continue slipping my finger in and out of my pussy, growing ever wetter, my clit expanding. I rub faster in time with the rhythm of my body. I’m making small, tight circles over my clit, squeezing my tits. My hips thrust up and I bury my fingers deeper inside my lithe body. Liz’s voice escapes my lips, her high pitched cries fill the room as her body vibrates with pleasure.

Oh yes! she screams inside my head as I thrust my fingers hard and deep inside her. I’m soaking wet, dripping onto the bed and it feels so perfect manipulating my wife’s body. I can make her do anything, give her unimaginable pleasure, and enjoy it myself. Feeling her body I know exactly how to touch her, how to grip and caress, when to thrust hard and when to ease off. I need to get deeper, need to really pound myself.

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