Reunion (M2F Possession) – Preview

My latest story features a young man swapping into some body types you don’t usually find in these kind of stories: his BBW aunt, his tatted punk cousin, and his elderly mother. Reunion is available now on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview below.

Max is at another boring family reunion. But things get a lot more interesting and he finds a magic stone that transports him into the body of three different family members with very different body types.

Max found himself back at the long table in the midst of the family reunion. Only now his seat had shifted across and down, because he was no longer next to Uncle Mortimer. Instead, he was facing one of his nieces. She was shrieking with laughter, but her mother, seated beside her, was shooting Max a dirty look.

“How did I–” he began, and quickly stopped, bringing his fingers to his mouth in shock when he realized the voice coming from his lips wasn’t his own. It was feminine and brassy. The lips beneath his fingers were plump and full. In fact, his whole face was rounder, softer than before.

Max looked down at himself and was met with the sight of two immense breasts, each of them probably bigger than his head and barely tucked beneath a pink top. A huge tummy poked out beneath and his arms were thick and meaty. Long, stylish blonde hair draped over his shoulder, tickling him in the breeze. There was a glass of wine on the table in front of him, showing the warped reflection of the body he now inhabited: Aunt Sarah.

Max looked down towards the end of the table to where he had been sitting and saw himself. His former body was sitting glumly in silence. Max’s chubby new mouth gaped open and he was aware that the people beside him were following his gaze. His former body turned, saw him staring, and gave a little wave before trying to hide behind his drink. It was exactly how events had unfolded that afternoon, only now he was seeing things from his aunt’s perspective.

He had to get away from everyone, find somewhere private. He noticed Aunt Sarah’s cell phone peeking out of her bra. He pulled it out, wrinkling his nose as the simple act caused his huge breasts to jiggle like jelly. Aunt Sarah’s body was so gross. He held the phone to ear, pretending to take a phone call as he pushed back from the table and began the process of extricating his huge bulk from the chair. When he was finally up, he waddled back into the house, thighs rubbing together beneath his tight jeans, the fat flesh of his ass and tits wobbling with each step. He felt heavy and ungainly. His only thought was to retreat to Aunt Sarah’s room to be away from the staring relatives and try to figure out what the hell was going on.

He bounced painfully up against the wall, unused to the weight distribution of his new body. Every step was a struggle in Sarah’s fat, jiggly body. After a few minutes, he’d made it down the hall and into the guest room here Aunt Sarah was staying. He closed the door behind him and heaved a sigh of relief. The short walk had already left him breathing hard from lugging this huge bulk around. This had to be a dream.

He waddled over to the mirror hanging above the dresser, keenly aware of how his fat thighs swished together and his big ass jiggled behind him. In the mirror, the face of Aunt Sarah came into view: pudgy cheeks, impeccable makeup, soft, golden hair…truly enormous tits. He looked down at them.

Surely she needed a sherpa to haul all this extra weight around, he thought.

Max laughed at the snarky thought, his aunt’s throaty laugh escaping from his lips. His tits were straining against the pink top and it looked as though it was about to split at the seams. This had to be a dream. No way was he really in Aunt Sarah’s body. And because this was a dream, there was no harm in checking himself out.

He peeled the pink top off his body and tossed it to the floor. Now there was just an immense pink bra and a chubby tummy. With an effort, he unhooked the bra and dropped it to the floor. He flicked his head to toss his light blonde hair behind him, and the motion cause his entire body to jiggle. Max looked down at his massive tits resting atop Sarah’s pot belly. He scooped up a breast in each hand. They were marshmallow soft and heavy as hell, capped with huge, pale pink areolae. But fun to play with. He squeezed them, admiring their heft, pulling them apart and letting them thump back together, causing his fat skin to ripple in a way that was becoming more delightful by the second.

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  1. This is ace dude. Amazingly written and I love the concept of almost time travel possession! Wondering why someone’s acting strange only to realize later your future self was possessing them. Great idea.

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