Relaxed – part 2

Elle-Jae has graciously finished me off *ahem* with the conclusion of Relaxed:

“… “Mm, wow. I must have dozed-off,” moans my guy’s client through the face-space of his massage table while Mason & I exchange lascivious grins and a passionate kiss behind her back. “You wouldn’t believe the dream I just had, uh… Mason – is it? I don’t suppose you’d like to…massage my insides as well as you’ve handled my outsides?”

My boyfriend arches his eyebrows at me with a slight nod in her direction. I give a silent giggle and hop for joy a few times before hopping myself into his fit form, our firm, male flesh still standing at the ready as the friendly female rolls onto her side to grab one of her pretty titties with one hand and slipping the other between her thighs.

“Well-well! Looks like you were having a daydream too!” The smile in her eyes wanders from looking at us to our cock as her mouth wraps around the bulbous head – still drenched with the mixture of fluids from her & Mason’s orgasms. I let out a deep moan while her tongue slides along our shaft for a moment, then…

*schlurPOP* Our client quickly pulls her talented mouth from our cock and looks up at us with a stern expression, then says, “You have been a BAD boy, Mason! I can taste my pussy on your pecker!” She lets go of her breast to hold our balls in a firm grip while bringing her other hand to her mouth and licks its sopping-wet fingers. “And you blew your wad inside my cunt!?!”

A rush of adrenaline-fueled fear fills Mason’s body, (and some degree of pain shoots out from or gonads), as we wonder whether she’ll bring charges! Then her grasp on our nut-sack turns to an uncomfortably urgent massaging as she states, “Good thing I’m on birth-control then, don’t you think!?”

“Ow-FUCK!” we let out a low-pitched grunt as she squeezes our balls a bit tighter.

“That’s not a proper response, Mason. Answer Mistress when She asks you a question!” The seductive strength in her eyes, (and the solid hold she has on my/Mason’s ‘mess-makers’), convey no doubt that this woman – despite her youth – is used to being in control of any situation… And probably any man she want to use as her personal property as well!

Mason & I are both so surprised – and aroused – by this woman that I cannot help but comply! “Yes, Mistress,” I say in my own, soprano voice, hoping to put some humor into the fact that she has us – literally – by-the-balls. “It is a very good thing that you’re on the pill!”

“That’s a very convincing, female voice for such a manly man,” she says as she takes-hold of our hard cock and uses it as a handle to position us between her limber legs while she sits up on the edge of the massage table. “Bad boys must be punished, Mason. But first, you’ll need to clean ‘yourself’ out of my pussy, you inconsiderate prick!” Her heels straddle our shoulders like I had done while inside her body and she presses down for a moment to add strain on our cock before she lets it go. “Now; On your knees! And you had better make some good work – and at least two orgasms for me – of cleaning your goo out of my cunt, Mason! Or else your punishment will be worse than I’m already planning.”

We start licking her sweet-&-salty-sauced labia while she pins our hands beneath her thighs and chuckles, “Oh-my, Mason! You eat pussy like a chick!” …”


    1. First of all, I forgot to commend M; Excellent find.of the pic to fit here, Darling! Thank you, again.

      And, to Z; LOL Yeah, I guess that’s one way of putting it. Thanks, hon!

      Hmm… I wonder…


  1. You see, M. You have always been so generous about including my brain-drool among your own captivating captions, sweetie! I wouldn’t complain of not hearing a response from you!

    Again, I thank you dearly & sincerely for the honor of having my words appear amongst yours, M!


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