PromBTwo requests for prom related stories:

Two best friends. One has a huge crush on a redhead girl. He’s asked her out over the years, but she has always said no. When he asked her to prom, it was no exception. Desperate as he knows he will not have another chance after graduation, he asks his best friend to posses her body and be his date. He just wanted one night to be seen with her so that he wouldn’t be thought of as a total loser since the whole school knows about his crush. However, they both lose control and end in a hotel.

A prom related story. Maybe something about stealing a man?



  1. But Ross did not read the warning on the spell if sperm used or virginity is lost the person that is possessing the body is trapped for life and the old spirit will become the new baby that was created. The next morning Nathan woke up in Ross’s arms in the bed having a hole new thoughts knowing how to put on makeup how to be a girl, this intrigued Nathan but also scared him. When Ross woke up the kissed and made love again. after that Nathan knew deep down this was his her new life but did not know about the baby yet. when the exited the hotel Christen’s phone started to go off with texts from her BFF and other girls, why she went with the dork Ross to the prom and why did she go to the hotel with the geek. Nathan took her dainty hand and deleted the bitches texts. then she saw one from her mother asking did she enjoy her first time and did she remember to use protection. Christen heart just jump a beat the her heart stopped realizing not only was this her first time but no protection. In her sexy girl voice Um Ross we might have two problems. over the weekend Ross confirmed both problems and on Monday both were found at school holding hands and kissing Christens friend could not believe it but the sexy redhead had a geek as a boyfriend when they asked her why, she just said to the other girls “don’t knock it till you try it, Geeks are better than jock when it comes to foreplay and sex.” Nathan was forgotten and Ross and Christen went to college having become a happy family with a baby girl they named Christiana after her beautiful mother. Ross made some App’s sold them and the two became rich and lived happily ever after.

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