Ok, no offence or anything but… Can you improve when you upload? Eg, one caption a day then a longer story each month? This would get much more happy visitors leaving the site! (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO THIS!)

I’m glad you like my stories but I’ve slowed down recently due to other commitments and the fact that it started to affect my real life. I appreciate all you readers and commentors and all the feedback but I’m not willing to sacrifice my real life for daily posts. Things are in a bit of flux at the moment and I’m trying to post 4 times a week and fulfil requests and finish up my second short story. But I have limited time and while I know people enjoy the longer stories (I do too!) the fact is they take, well, longer to write. When I’m rolling I can write 2-3 captions in the time it takes to write one of my longer stories, so that’s the tradeoff.

Anyway, thanks for reading!


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