Plenty to do

I heard the dad outside in the hallway: "Kids, I already told you mom's not herself right now. Don't go into the bedroom."
They probably came up to invest9gate what all the noise was. It was me. I've been a little loud because this body feels sooo nice.
During the Great Shift I ended up inside this MILF, but the rest of the family was unshifted. The dad locked me in the bedroom just because I was playing with my tits in front of the kids. Whatever. It's better in here anyway. I found a great big dildo and I've been seeing how far I can shove it into this cunt.
I had no idea how great it felt to have something hard and firm slipping through my wet canal. Plus, I can grab my new tits whenever I want! This mom's pretty hot, and her body feels so good.
Also good is that I'm out of jail. I was being transferred when the shift hit and landed me in here. Like everyone I was confused at first but I took advantage of the situation.
The dad's kept me locked in the bedroom for a few days now, bringing me food and water. Pretty sure it's illegal to keep someone caged up in a bedroom but right now I don't care. I've got plenty to do to entertain myself in this body. I'm wrecking this little pussy and if the dad doesn't want to join in that's his loss. I'm pretty good with this body now. I bet I'd be better than his real wife.
I found this chick's phone and have been texting the dad pictures of myself and what I'm doing. It's only a matter of time before he breaks.

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