Out of His Mind (MtF Body Theft)

A man’s mind gets stuck in the body of his alluring coworker and he slowly gains control, changing her life to fit his desires in Out of His Mind, available on Smashwords and Amazon.

Charlie lusts after Aimee, his busty blonde coworker, but she’s engaged to another man. When Charlie finds a strange meteor that thrusts him out of his body and into hers, he gets the chance to know her more intimately than he ever dreamed.

Aimee has no idea Charlie is in her mind. She thinks that every sexy thought and impulse is her own. At first Charlie’s influence is limited to guiding her emotions and thoughts in the direction he wants, though without direct control. It’s enough to get her hot and bothered and let Charlie experience her pleasure from the inside.

But Charlie wants more.

Now stuck in her body and with his control growing, he changes her life, turning her into his sexy dream girl and hooking up with other women. Is there any limit to his powers? And what does he do when he’s unexpectedly kicked from her mind?

This 11,000+ word story contains themes of male to female body possession and erotic solo and lesbian scenes.

She reclined the chair and set up her tools, preparing a spot on my ankle for the tattoo. As I waited nervously for her to begin we continued talking. I probed her tentatively to see if she had a boyfriend, hoping the answer was no, hoping that the answer to men in general was no. Why was I so nervous?

It reminded me of when I’d met Kevin, my heart fluttering so hard because I was worried I’d make some sort of mistake. God, was I attracted to Liz? As she worked on the tattoo I had an opportunity to drink her in. She had a wonderful profile, soft and young and sweet despite the hard outer appearance.

“How’s the pain?” She asked after she’d made her first few lines.

“Not as bad as I thought.” I smiled nervously.

She smiled back, her eyes crinkling, and, God, I could fall into those eyes. To distract myself I turned my attention to her workstation. To the left of where Liz sat there was a small and curling photo tacked to the wall of her kissing a beautiful blonde woman.

“Girlfriend?” I asked, nodding at the picture when Liz next took a break.

“Ex,” she said, frowning. “I really need to take it down.”

As she resumed working on me I frantically tried to think of ways we could prolong this, of how we could meet again. I went back and forth. It wasn’t like me to just ask someone out, especially a woman. I’d always been taught that a man should do the asking. I didn’t even know what to say. But the little voice that had been a growing part of me these last few weeks won out. As I was paying I opted for the direct approach.

“Do you want to get dinner sometime?” I blurted.

She looked up, her face breaking into a surprised smile. “Shit, Goldilocks. Now you’re the one surprising me.”

* * *

Our “date” was just a stroll down the boardwalk. The night air was warm and the ocean lapped at the pillars as we walked out past the lights to the end of the pier. I wore one of my new outfits, a cute shorts and tank top combo. We stood side by side, gazing out at the black ocean. I had plans to take Liz somewhere else, make a real night of it, but then she turned to me and said:

“You know, when you came in this morning I thought you were one of those uptight middle class women looking to slum it for a day and get a cute little tattoo you could show your boyfriend.”

“Didn’t know I was into chicks?” I laughed, bumping her playfully with my hip.

She quirked an eyebrow. God, she was hot. “No idea.”

“Is that why you called me Goldilocks?”

“I called you that because you’re just right.”

I turned to her and slipped my arms around her waist. “Let me show you just how into chicks I am.”

I kissed her then and she returned it. Her lips were soft but her intentions firm. I slid my hand across her cheek, fingers slipping into her hair as I opened my mouth and welcomed her inside. Shit, when had I become such a slut? And a lesbian at that? I’d never taken someone home on the first date, but less than twenty minutes later Liz and I stumbled down my hallway, neither of us wanting to take our hands off the other, kissing and petting.

She tasted divine, and I explored her body by touch, alternately soft and hard, a firm stomach and bouncy little breasts. We left a trail of clothes down the hallway before tumbling into bed, her on top.

Our arms and legs were twined together and I ran my hands down her spine, over the small of her back to the curve of her taut ass. Her breasts pressed against mine and she slipped a hand between us to stroke one of my tits. She was knowledgeable and confident, and I found my body responding as she stroked my nipples. It was my first time with a woman and my hesitance vanished, crushed under the weight of my desire.

Despite her disarmingly adorable appearance Liz enjoyed taking control. She straddled me and took my breasts in each hand, squeezing as she smiled down at me, fingers digging in just enough to bring me to the edge of pain. I stared up at her magnificent tits, small and perky, and her crooked smile beyond. I gripped her waist, stroking her, wanting to touch all of her.

She laughed, her tongue stud glinting in the light, and then leaned down to kiss me again. She tasted like the ice cream we’d eaten on the boardwalk, sweet and minty. She pulled away and looked deeply into my eyes.

“Tell me the truth, have you ever been with a woman before?”


She smiled again. “I’ll be gentle, Goldilocks.”

She kissed her way down my body, taking her time, pausing to let her tongue circle each nipple. I watched her, enjoying the sight of my tit in her mouth. I sighed in delight, growing moist as she teased my body into absolute arousal. I was burning for her in a way I hadn’t burned for anyone except Kev.

She kissed her way over my mound, crawling down my body, nestling her face between my legs and inhaling. Her tongue flashed out, making small motions against my outer lips, teasing me. She kissed up and down my entrance and I moaned, the heat bursting through me. She knew just what to do to my body. I felt her tongue glide between my pussy lips, smooth and slow, as she tasted me. God, I could feel my own moisture. My hands came back up to my tits and I groped myself. I’d been really into that lately, feeling up my breasts. It made me feel so beautiful, so hot. I loved the feel of my tits.

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  1. I like the story (as always) but is it intentional that it can’t be opened in kindle cloud reader?

    1. Thanks! That problem is nothing to do with me. When it gets uploaded to Amazon they take care of all that technical stuff.

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