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Clarence rose, giggling, and looked towards the doorway where Raj stood, dumbfounded.
“Hey, daddy,” Clarence giggled as he cupped one of his delicate new breasts. “I was just getting used to my new surroundings.”
“Please, not my daughter, too,” Raj begged.
“I told you,” Clarence said, letting his fingers roam around his pert young breast. “I will take over every woman in your life until you pay me back. And the longer I’m in here the wilder I’ll get.”
“I’ll get you the money. Just don’t do anything to her.”
“That depends on you, daddy dearest.” Clarence wiggled his butt, twisting his legs together. He’d only been in this body for a few minutes and he was already warm and wet and ready for a release.
Possessing a debtor’s family was Clarence’s favorite part of the job. He would insert another clone into another family member every week until the debt was paid. At first it would be just to watch, but as time went on Clarence would step up the pressure.
Clarence hoped Raj wouldn’t be able to pay him back. This body would look and feel wonderful sandwiched between a group of guys, or with her pretty face between her sister’s legs.
“There are other ways to get our money back,” Clarence purred, running a slender hand along his dainty thigh and then between his legs. He found his damp sex and inhaled sharply, closing his eyes to enjoy the gentle pleasure pulsing through him.

Eric is stuck in his mom’s body and forced to do her chores for the day. Things only get worse for Eric when his dad comes home and accidentally activates the spell of obedience. How far will Eric be forced to go? Make Me (Chapter 2) is too taboo for Amazon and only available on Smashwords or Body Swap Stories.

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