1. jay found himself back in time he was a girl no and she was being fucked she was coming as a woman comes she was moaning as her pussy was being filled by a boy who must be her borther as she noow realized that she was back in one of her former lifetimes where she was female she looked all around and than saw a calender on the wall it said september 1955 and she now realized that she was a teenage girl in this pervious lifetime oh oh oh yes yes yes i’m i’m just a good girl now thought suzy ann! and i’m coming in this female body! oh my yes please!

  2. This definitely needs a part 2! It was fantastic I would like to see how he abuses his powers with the ring later on.

  3. Oh wow! That’s so hot! Absolutely love this one! 😀 Any chance we can find out what Mrs. Goodrich gets up to while she’s in Will’s body?

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