Oh brother (Part 2)

So apparently Elle-Jae is fast becoming my unofficial co-captioner. As long as they’re as hot as this I don’t mind a bit! See part 1 of Oh brother here. Elle-Jae, take it away:


“… Still reveling in the strength & stamina of his brother’s body, and still raging for more sex with his brother’s beautiful babe, it took a moment for Jessica’s comment to sink in. When Matt realized that Jessica had basically just said she had made it possible for him to fuck her this way he asked, “You want me the same way I want you, Jessica?!”

Her face lit up with a wicked grin and she giggled, “Not exactly, Matti. And I’m not not Jessica… at the moment,” which stunned Matt as the woman beneath him said something like the possession spell he’d used, but different; And his perception spun wildly around in a vortex of sensation before stopping with him laying there, looking into the eyes of his brother as he felt the weight of perky tits on his chest and the wet flatness of his crotch spread & waiting to be penetrated by the member he’d just used on the pussy now churning with need inside his body!

“WHAT-TH…” Matt’s cry was stifled by a passionate kiss as he felt the masculine hand slide up his smooth skin and over his left breast to reach his, now-pointed, chin. Their lip-lock lasted until Matt relaxed some in the stronger grasp of his brother’s arms. “Oh-MY!” he caught his breath. What’s happening?! Who are you?”

“I’m Jessica’s best friend… with benefits, Gloria,” his brother’s voice boomed. “And now Jess & I can be the couple we should be” and another kiss was firmly planted on Matt’s soft, full lips as he tried not to press his hunger mons against his brother’s former leg.

He broke their kiss. “But, if I’m in her body; Where’s Jessica? And if you’re… where’s my brother?!” asked Matt as the muscular thigh between his sexy legs was pushed against his sopping-wet womanhood!

“Well, the love-of-my-life is dreaming her way through zee-zee-quill I drank just before using that swapping spell to borrow her body. And, since your whole being went into the possession spell you used to fuck Jessica with this body,” Gloria shifted to let her new manhood run along, but not into, Matt’s oozing slit, “he had no where to go but… out. So, right now your brother is swarming their way toward the the egg in that delicious body you’re borrowing, Matti.”

Jessica’s voice gave a horrified gasp, “That’s s… so… BUt… I don’t want to be Jessica! I don… not PREGnant!” He tried to stop responding to the torturous pleasure growing in his hungry sex, but Matt could not keep from flexing his hips in response to Gloria’s hot rod teasing at entering him, but Jessica’s body was simply too foreign… and horny for him to control.

“We have a little while before your brothers have reached their mark. And I really want Jessica back in her body so, all you need to do is recite that possession spell to put where you are now.” Gloria let the head of he stolen manhood taunt the opening of her lover’s pussy as she gave one of Matt’s stiff nipples a quick suck.

It was all Matt could do to keep from impaling himself of the dick he’d borrowed shortly before. “Whuh-h What will huh-happen to m-h-me?” he purred, barely above a whisper as he pinched the tender peaks standing atop his breasts.

“You, dear boy, will wake up tomorrow in full and permanent possession of my beautiful, buxom body after the sleep-aid wears off. And I’ll be glad to let you still share Jessica with me… Gloria.” She guided one of his delicate hands to her pulsing cock, “And this too. Only question is; Do you want to feel me unload some more of your bro into my lover’s tunnel before you go?!” …”


  1. i finally screwed up al of my courage and told my sister i wanted to be a girl well just imagine my way to very surprise when my sister informed me she really wanted to e a boy so now here we are just after our swap and yes now i am my sister and my sister is me and now i’m going to let my old self fuck my new sex!

  2. Again, I’m flattered by your rave-review and re-post of the epiogue I wrote following the inspiration of your wondrous piece and the comments by anonymi (anonymouses?) and yourself, M! (I only wish I had proof-read it better before clicking the magic button!)

    And It is nice to meet a fellow-image-hoarder!


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