Now it was my turn

My husband was enjoying my body swap machine as much as I was. He swept through the living room in only a light summer dress, teasing me with my former body. The testosterone coursing through me gave me a sudden urge to take him.
He squealed in delight as I yanked his dress down and pulled him close to me from behind. My hard body pressed against his soft one. I was rock hard for him already as I kissed the back of his neck. The scent of his coconut shampoo filled my nose.
I yanked down my pants, my husband’s cock already hard for myself. I slipped my dick between his legs. He moaned and reached back for me. Christ, he was so wet already.
I knew he spent most of the day masturbating in my body. He wasn’t as subtle about it as he thought he was. That was fine with me. I’d listened in at the bedroom door, my cock growing harder with each muffled cry.
Now it was my turn. I slid inside him in one quick motion. His breath hitched in his throat as I filled him. His wet heat surrounded me and an aching desperation at the base of my dick urged me on. I thrust inside, grunting as I filled him. The desire made me a wild animal. He felt so wonderful I couldn’t stop.
I clutched him tight against me, my broad hand around his tiny waist as I thrust in and out of him. he cried out and I came, too suddenly I know but I couldn’t help it. The release was incredible, like a dam bursting as I pumped him full of seed and he cried out in my own voice.

A freak lightning strike swaps an old man into a young woman’s body where he’s forced to fake his way through her life in Do-Over, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or Bodyswapstories. Preview here.

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