Not much choice

“What did you do?” Will shrieked.
“It was this transformation app. Look.” Evan flipped to his camera and turned his phone to Will.
Will’s mouth dropped open and his hands came up to his smooth face as he stared at the phone. The woman onscreen mirrored his movements. She was gorgeous — or he was gorgeous now — with an outfit that stretched tight across two solid breasts and ended just above his thighs, revealing miles of gorgeous leg. His face was soft and slender.
“You’re an identical copy of this chick I saw in a porno,” Evan grinned.
Will was busy touching himself, grabbing his cheeks, running his fingers across his lips and then squeezing his juicy new tits.
“Oh my god, it feels so real,” Will muttered in a silky voice.
“It is real,” Evan said. “And it lasts as long as I want.”
‘What do you mean as long as you want?”
“It’s easy enough to undo. I just click the button. But…well…I want to fuck you first.”
“No way. Absolutely not.”
“Well then you can stay as her forever.” Evan turned to go and leave his coworker trapped in the new busty body.
“No. Wait!” Will called after him. “I’ll do it.”
Will didn’t have much choice. But he didn’t complain much once Evan started sucking his breasts and Will’s body began warming to his first female orgasm.

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