New Directions 3

The next time Ana and Andrew returned to New Directions, Ana stopped Andrew before he could open the catalogue.
"Let me pick both our bodies this time."
"Oh, okay," Andrew said, excited about the surprise.
And it was a surprise. As soon as Andrew regained consciousness in his new body he noticed the differences immediately: long, black hair fell down his back, he was shorter and slimmer with slight breasts, a nice hourglass figure, and a plump butt with long, golden legs. The most noticeable change, of course, was the absence between his thighs. He was naked and there was no hiding the little pussy lips tucked together beneath the coarse black pubic hair. He grabbed his breasts, squeezing them with delicate fingers.
"Holy shit," he cried in delight, his voice tiny and tinged with a Chinese accent.
"I thought you'd like that," a deep male voice spoke up.
Andrew looked up to see a very muscular -- and very naked -- Black man staring at him. He suddenly felt very small and vulnerable, and especially intimidated by the huge cock swinging between Ana's new legs. Ana followed his look and grinned.
"Yeah, this thing is huge. Want to try it out?" She said, her deep bass voice making Andrew's body throb.
Andrew nodded and the two came together, hands exploring each other, pressing their naked flesh against one another as their bodies grew excited and warm. Ana's cock sprang up between them, needy against Andrew's little tummy. Finally, Andrew took the lead and straddled Ana, guiding the head of her cock against his entrance and slowly sinking down onto her.
"Oh my god," he exclaimed as her cock slowly spread his tight cunt wide, "That hurts...but feels so good."
Soon Ana was lodged deep inside him and he rode her, the cock filling him so full he felt he would split, balanced on the edge of pleasure and pain until the pleasure won out, spilling through him as he cried and shook. Ana held his wonderful ass as her concentrated desire suddenly exploded. Her dick pulsed within his perfect tight pussy and she filled him with the heat of her cum. He took it all with delight.
"Wow, we have to try this combination again," he said between breaths.

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