Must be tripping

Request: Could you a do a story where a guy is at a festival or rave. He swaps into a girl on molly and ends having sex by the end of the night.

Everything about this trip felt so real to Johnny: the tits on his chest, the girlish cries from his lips, the hard cock sliding deep into his wet pussy. He gripped his breasts and moaned again as the guy filled him slowly, legs spread apart, while his girlfriend masturbated beside the bed. He was tripping hard but it was wonderful and Johnny chose to enjoy it.
Johnny had gone to a rave with his girlfriend. They’d both taken molly and right as it started to kick in, Johnny found himself in the body of a beautiful brunette who was also tripping hard. Nothing seemed real and his body was so sexy, so wet, so horny.
He vaguely remembered getting pulled up to his hotel room by some guy, even as Johnny pulled along his girlfriend who was protesting she wasn’t his girlfriend but a guy. Weird that they were both having such a vivid similar experience.
Johnny was an easy lay, touching himself, enjoying the bounce of his own tits, the sight of his body as he looked down to the pussy between his legs while the stranger disappeared inside him. Johnny felt himself getting filled, the cock pressing apart the tight walls of his cunt. It felt so real, so amazing, and Johnny came hard, over and over again until the man did, too, sinking balls deep and emptying spurts of hot cum into Johnny’s new pussy.
The next morning Johnny awoke tangled in the sheets of the hotel bed. He was astonished to find he was still in the strange woman’s body. But he was no longer tripping. This was real. it turned out that the Great Shift had occurred just as Johnny’s drugs had kicked in. It was all real. He was stuck in this woman’s body for the rest of his life.

A social outcast finds a magic spell that allows him to get revenge on the hot MILFs in town by cloning his mind into their bodies and making them think every sexy, degrading thing he makes them do is their own choice in Homewrecker, available only on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords. Preview here.

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