Mommy Dearest (M2F Body Swap) Preview

I messed up a body swap spell and now I’m stuck in my mom’s body in Mommy Dearest. This book is too taboo for Amazon and is available only on Smashwords.

All I had to do was use this old body swap spell I found to swap bodies with my teacher in order to convince my mom I was a great student. Only, I messed it up and now I’m inside my own mom’s body. Although, now that I’m looking at the world through her eyes, there is something very enticing about my curves. Maybe this won’t be so bad after all.

His deep, baritone voice was comforting, and the confident way he spoke, combined with his soft Spanish accent was mesmerizing. Commanding even. Unbidden thoughts began slipping through my head, thoughts about Mr. Lorrenzo and what he looked like beneath his shirt and tie. It was his last comment that brought me up short.

“Thank you for that,” I said, touching his leg gently, leaning forward so that the neckline slipped lower and he could get an eye full of my mom’s cleavage. I watched him struggle to maintain eye contact. I needed to convince him not to suspend me, even if I had to use my mom’s body to do it.

“Look, Mrs. Peterson–”

“Please, call me Jess.”

“Ok, Jess. I’d really not like to have to take disciplinary action against your son.”

“Me, too, Mr. Lorrenzo. Maybe we can come to some sort of agreement.”

“You mean put together an action plan?”

I shifted forward in my seat, and let one hand trace up my mom’s thigh, pulling up the hem of my dress. “I was thinking something more…immediate.”

I leaned towards him and he didn’t push me away as I pressed my mom’s lips to his. My tongue slipped across his lips and after a second they parted, allowing me to slip inside and taste his spicy scent. I leaned on his armrest, kissing him gently, our tongues softly exploring each other. After a few seconds I stood, my mom’s body deliriously warm, and walked to the door, letting my hips sway seductively. I locked the door to the room and pulled down the blinds, then turned back to Mr. Lorrenzo and knelt between his legs.

“Oh, Mr. Lorrenzo,” I purred, stroking the growing bulge beneath his pants. “There must be something I can do.” I looked up at him, coquettishly biting my lower lip. He stared down at me, his brown eyes round and full of lust. He wasn’t stopping me. My mom would have killed me if she saw what I was making her body do, but I pressed on.

I unbuttoned his pants and he shifted in his seat so I could pull them down until they pooled around his ankles. I stroked his underpants, my mom’s fingers gliding over his urgent erection. Fuck, I couldn’t believe what I was about to do but my mom’s body was excited by the prospect. The thought of holding this handsome man in my mouth was sending flames licking through me and I scrambled for his underpants, yanking them down.

I gasped as his cock jumped into view right beneath my nose. I didn’t know if it was my new perspective or if Mr. Lorrenzo was just hung but his cock seemed huge. I wrapped my slender fingers around it and stroked. His cock was hot beneath my touch, growing larger and harder as my fingers ran up and down the shaft. My lips were just inches away from the bulbous head and each stroke of his dick sent little vibrations through my pussy. I stuck out my tongue and licked his dick slowly, from bottom to top, letting my wet tongue run across the underside of his shaft, tasting his musky masculinity. I sighed as I continued stroking him, wiggling my body as I grew warm and tense for him. Finally, I opened my lips and swallowed his dick, taking him all in. His cock traveled across my tongue as I sank my mom’s mouth down, down his vast shaft. My hand continued stroking him, spreading my saliva across his dick until it was glistening.

My lips came up and down his shaft, going further on each downstroke until my nose was pressed into his groin and the head of his dick hit the back of my throat. I came up sputtering, my hand still wrapped around his slick shaft, jacking him off slowly. I slid back down, enjoying the soft-hardness I held in my mouth. The feeling of his dick between my lips was making me incredibly horny and I slid my other hand between my thigh, pushed my panties aside and began fingering myself. My pussy was already deliciously wet and warm as I pressed against my clit, circling my tiny nub while my body danced with pleasure.

Read the rest of Mommy Dearest here. This book is too taboo for Amazon and is available only on Smashwords.


  1. do you really have a body swap spell that really does work if and when so please send it to me i realy do want to swap into a girls body i really do want to become a female!

  2. Great story! Always enjoy son swapping with mom plots. Would be great to see a similar sort of story where a the son’s best friends gains control of the mom’s body and flaunts it around, entices him into doing naughty things that they are definitely not supposed to.

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