Mirror Mirror (Preview)

My latest story, Mirror Mirror, is now available exclusively on Smashwords. It’s a slight departure from my usual work because it doesn’t include any body swaps or magical transformation. It does include identity theft and forced body modifications. Read on for a preview!


Alyssa thought she’d lost everything when her twin sister imprisoned her in a cell and assumed her identity. Trapped and in despair, Alyssa thought she had nothing else to lose.

She was wrong; she still had her body.

Until her sister came to transform that, too.


The party wound down until finally, in the late hours of the night, Brianna and Hunter were left alone. Alyssa followed their procession from monitor to monitor as they made their way up to the bedroom, giggling, hands all over each other. Brianna still wore her wedding dress and Hunter had unbuttoned the top button of his suit and removed his tie.

As they slipped into the bedroom, Brianna wrapped her arms around Hunter and kissed him, her body flush against him and her hands sliding into his hair. He grabbed her in his strong arms and kissed her back, pushing her backwards under the weight of his desire. Unable to make herself look away from the monitor, Alyssa watched her treacherous twin making out with her fiance. Thankfully, the monitor showing the bedroom was small and high up on the wall and the sound was barely audible, mostly drowned out by audio from the other rooms. Thank God for small favors.

Hunter pulled back a little and let his fingers trail down the front of Brianna’s wedding dress. Grinning and murmuring something in Brianna’s ear, he jumped up and headed for the bathroom.

As soon as Hunter shut the door, Brianna crossed the room, rummaged through a drawer and came up with a remote control. Before Alyssa could wonder what she was up to, Brianna pressed a few buttons and suddenly all the monitors in Alyssa’s cell combined to form one giant image of the bedroom. Brianna turned and winked up at the hidden camera.

Brianna tossed the remote back into the drawer as Hunter returned, clearly giddy with champagne and feeling amorous. He wrapped his arms around Brianna again and kissed her, slowly and sensually, trailing kisses along her jaw before dropping his mouth to hers, his kiss turning hard and possessive.

They broke apart, and he gasped, urgent and breathless, “I love you so much.”.

She smiled up at him. “And I love you.” Then she untied the front of her wedding dress and her smile turned heated and knowing. “Now fuck me like you mean it.”

Alyssa watched as the man she loved grabbed the wedding dress and pulled it open. Hunter ducked his head in between her sister’s perky little breasts, licking and suckling as Brianna stepped out of the dress. She reached around and removed her bra as Hunter’s eager lips found first one nipple, then the other. Brianna clasped his head to her breasts and moaned.

Alyssa couldn’t tear her eyes away from the monitor as her fiance slipped his hand down over the swell of Brianna’s ass and squeezed. In response, Brianna parted his shirt, letting her hand glide over his muscular torso. Dropping down, she yanked his shirt down and kissed the hard ridges of his belly as his hand came up to play with her nipples. Brianna’s hand snaked down into Hunter’s pants, her fingers wrapping around the solid manhood that Alyssa knew so well.

And then they flew together, all restraint lost as they devoured each other. Kissing and licking, hands groping bodies until they fell into a jumble of limbs on the bed. Hunter kissed his way down Brianna’s body as she wriggled and moaned, a fire clearly burning between her legs. Hunter found his way between her thighs and his tongue snaked out, tasting her sex.

Read the rest only on Smashwords!


    1. Hey. Just some advice from a transgender fan. Hormone therapy doesn’t get rid of your breasts. You have to have a mastectomy for that. If your ever going to do an FTM via surgery again, keep that in mind. It ads to the reality of the story.

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