Maid man

Request: I’m so glad your back doing caption again 🙂 could you please do one where my bf is pestering me to dress up as a Japanese maid and ends up being one him self and likes it



  1. Ya take commissions? The stuff you do is excellent on the context and how things get handled. Not always the “Bad-end” stuff that is usually associated with TG or TF in general. Which applied here, especially in a body where it feels “good” to serve, as opposed to our usual motivations of giving any sort of care for household chores. WHILE avoiding brain washing.

    Left contact info with e-mail.

    P.S. The above “Into her Body” link doesn’t work for the amazon version.

    1. Thanks! I thought about doing commissions, if only to filter requests, and I still might but I go back and forth because on one hand I get paid directly but on the other I’m obligated to do the request whereas right now I can pick and choose. Still thinking.

      The link’s fixed, thanks for letting me know.

      1. Alrighty. The “Glitch” caption always stood out to me the most! Being self-aware awhile dealing with hard issues.

  2. lol – too funny that the spell back fired. Although, Lauren is taking it well, having a girlfriend instead of a boyfriend . . .


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