“You actually got really lucky,” Andre said, pausing in his assessment.
“Sure, I guess,” Mason shrugged, clasping his slender hands between his delicate new legs. He felt so small and awkward. He’d never been particularly graceful but now his limbs were even longer and he had to keep swiping the long dark hair out of his face. He didn’t even know who this woman was and now he was stuck as her forever.
“No, I’m serious,” Andre said. “Lots of people got much worse trades during the mind bomb. I mean, I didn’t swap with anyone but I met plenty of young people in old people’s bodies.”
Mason was in the hospital, being assessed after a mind bomb exploded, swapping the bodies of everyone in the vicinity. Andre worked for the hospital and was responsible for trying to sort everything out.
“Are they able to fix it?” Mason asked hopefully, twining his fingers together.
“They’re working on it,” Andre assured him. “but look here,” he said, consulting his chart. “You’re about ten years younger. How about that, huh?”
Mason knew Andre was trying to make him feel better, but he wasn’t looking forward to spending the rest of his life as this woman, at going home to his girlfriend and revealing who he was now. Everything was about to change.
“You know,” Andre continued, “I’m pretty good at getting people used to their new lives. Been doing it a while. I can offer you some private assistance if that would help.”
Mason didn’t know whether Andre was being earnest or whether he was hitting on Mason. It was just one of the many confusing things Mason would have to navigate while on the other side of the gender fence.

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