Little Pink Pill

My latest story, Little Pink Pill, is available on Smashwords (UPDATE: now on Amazon!). Check out the preview below.

Dan had big plans for the summer break, but all his friends went away and the only person left in town is his older brother Michael. The two could not be more different: Dan a portly geek, Michael a handsome stud. They’ve never been close, but when Michael gives Dan a taste of the T-Pills, transformation pills that can instantly change a person’s entire gender, that all changes. Suddenly the two brothers can’t keep their hands off each other as they seek to explore each other’s deepest desires.

This short story contains male to female transformations, female to male transformation, MILFs, incest, domination and interracial erotica.

“Enjoy what?” Dan asked, his voice going shrill with nervousness.

Before he could utter another word his entire body shook. The room seemed to be growing around him but a closer look showed that, no, he was shrinking. He reached out toward Michael for help and froze, staring at his own arm. The light dusting of dark hair that spread across his forearm and knuckles was retreating into his body. His arms and legs quivered as well, becoming slightly wobbly. He held up his hands to his face and watched his fingers transform, becoming slender and longer, tapering to softly rounded tips. If this was a drug trip it felt real as hell.

His face wriggled painlessly and he gripped his cheeks just in time to feel them lose the stubble, grow smooth and fatter. His hands came around his new features, following the vibrations flowing through him and the stretch and flow of his skin, felt his nose shrinking, becoming a dainty little thing as his cheekbones shifted and his lips grew fuller.

Something tickled down Dan’s neck and he reached back, grabbing hold of wavy brunette hair that continued growing even as he pulled it up to his eyes to look closer, the hair continuing to lengthen until it cascaded down his shoulders, ending at his chest. God, his chest. Even as he watched his t-shirt expanded, two bumps rising, swelling, becoming large, ripe breasts, huge even from this unfamiliar perspective. They strained against the fabric of his shirt, pushing it away from his belly, threatening to burst his baggy shirt wide open, the indentations of his fat nipples clearly visible.

His ass wobbled, growing heavier, rounding out behind him into a cute bubble butt while his thighs grew thicker, bones readjusting themselves through his pelvis. There was a pressure in his groin as his cock began retracting into his body, shrinking beneath the fabric of his sweatpants, which now seemed tight around his wide waist and heavier butt. Dan yanked at the waist of his pants and stared down, just in time to watch his cock and balls shrink to nothingness and retract inside himself. There was a moment where he was as smooth and hairless as a doll, and then soundlessly two pussy lips grew, accompanied by a dark triangle of pubic hair that spread out into a perfectly manicured ‘V’. He could feel the folds forming within him, could feel his insides wriggling and twisting, presumably growing ovaries and Fallopian tubes. And now he was staring down at a slit between his own legs, magical and gorgeous and terrifying as hell.

The changes reached his calves, spread into his toes and they, too, became hairless and dainty. His big, hairy feet shrank, the muscles losing definition, becoming soft and feminine. The changes spread through his feet, causing him to shift and wobble for balance. And when his last pinky toe had become a pretty, shapely thing, the changes stopped.

Dan was breathing hard, staring down at his transformed body. His breasts were literally heaving, hanging from his slender form, rising and falling slowly with each breath.

Michael whistled and stared at Dan appreciatively. “Watching that never gets old.”

“What–?” Dan began, his new voice was higher pitched and sexily throaty. “What were those pills?” He looked up at Michael and pushed the wavy hair out of his face, his arm accidentally grazing his chest as he did so and sending his tits wobbling.

“T-pills, little bro.”

Trans Pills. Dan had heard of them. Some sort of experimental pill that could temporarily alter a person’s entire biology.

“Aren’t they illegal?” He asked.

“Only if you don’t have a prescription. So, in this instance, yeah. This is how I make my money.” Michael smiled, arching one dark eyebrow.

Dan wanted to be angry at his brother, but something about that handsome smile on Michael’s face quelled his anger. His brother really was quite good looking. In fact, now that Dan really thought about it, he couldn’t think of anything else. His eyes flew across his brother’s figure, taking in his muscular physique, his angular jawline, the sheer confidence in his eyes.

“Enjoying it?,” Michael asked. “You’re gonna look like that for the next twelve hours. You just took a MILF version of the pill and a damn fine mom you are. I can see a little of our mom in you, in fact. Check yourself out.”

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      1. So do I. They don’t really tell you but I’ve already had two books banned from them so I don’t want to push it.

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