1. Well, Zapper, maybe the hot chick picked him up. After all, she’s obviously into Sheila’s body – perhaps due to Paul exhibiting some clumsy, alluring, unfamiliarity with his borrowed, female flesh? So, who’d blame the guy for thinking…

    “… ‘…and apparently pleased with whatever we did last night, I might as well get in as much girl-on-girl sex as I can while I am one! (And some that I’ll remember after Sheila & I have switched back!) I’m SO happy to be a lesbian now!’ …”

    Love the premise of not remembering how he got where he is after a night out in a borrowed body, M! I’d sure be glad I didn’t wake up next to some macho stud who thought I was an awesome lay!.. (i’m pretty sure!)


  2. HA! I’m not surprised, giving a hot body like that to a guy . . . why wouldn’t he go after a hot chick in it?


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