Learning Curves: Body Swap Erotica (Preview)

Will’s never been in trouble in his life, until the day he gets caught with a joint and threatened with expulsion from school. This simple misunderstanding threatens to derail his life and strip him of his valedictorian status. But his gorgeous, young teacher, Mrs. King, gives him an option: if he agrees to try out her invention to let them swap bodies for a day, she won’t report him. Out now on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold.

He sniffed again but seemed to have his tears under control. He dropped his hands to his lap, his arms jiggling his breasts as he did so. His eyes were drawn down briefly to his deep cleavage, Mrs. King’s beautiful tits tucked away in his top. If he concentrated he could feel their weight, the bounce as they rubbed against the fabric of his blouse. Blushing, he forced his eyes quickly back up to Mrs. King’s face. Fortunately, she didn’t seem to have been paying attention to him. Her eyes had a far away look as she stroked her new face in wonder.

“Honestly…” Mrs. King looked bashful, almost coy—which Will decided looked really frickin weird on his face—and said, “I wanted to try it myself. Properly. A full 24 hours. Once I go public… it’ll be all clinical trials and FDA regulations, and I won’t be allowed near it. I wanted to know, for myself, what I’d built.”

“Yeah but… why am I the guinea pig?”

“To be honest, I was worried about size differential in the subjects.” She gave a sheepish grin, then stood and began packing away the machine in a supply closet. “And you’re the tallest person I know.”

Will sat and let the information percolate for a moment. 24 hours. A single day. He could do one day. Swiping away the last trace of his tears, he said, “Ok, what do I need to know? What do I have to do next?”

“You already know it: you have my memories.”

He prodded the recesses of his mind—her mind?—and realized she was right. Her memories were there, a little foggy but still readable: a blueprint for her life and schedule. His voice still a little shaky, he said, “You’ve got a free period.”

“Yes,” Mrs. K confirmed. “And just the one class left today: 12th grade chem after lunch. That gives you over an hour to prepare. Review my class notes, acquaint yourself with the memories and the lesson plan. You’ll do fine. Just take a breath and—”

She was interrupted by the bell, and Will suddenly realized that his ass was supposed to be heading to Mr Trent’s modern history class.

Mrs K locked the closet and slipped the key into her pocket. She shot him a reassuring smile. “It’s ok. I’ve got this: history and then econ. Then meet your mom at the mall after school: shopping for graduation.”

Will winced, hating that Mrs. King knew he still let his mom take him clothes shopping. And suddenly hating that she’d probably have access to all his other private thoughts. Hating, too, the picture his memories probably presented: a lanky, friendless loser who spent his every waking hour studying. And, oh god, he’d masturbated to thoughts of her once or twice. Imagined her gigantic breasts swaying in his face. And he knew he wasn’t the only one. Mrs. King was the hot, young teacher, and, and…fuck, he had her body now all to himself.

If Mrs. King was rifling through his memories and judging him, she didn’t make it obvious. She just walked his ridiculous, gangly body to the door and unlocked it. “Meet me here after school tomorrow to switch back.” Will watched her duck through the doorway, clearly struggling to gauge exactly how tall she now was. Grinning, she poked her head back in and murmured, “Don’t worry. I’ll get the hang of it.” She closed the door behind her.

Will looked down at himself, at his slender hands clasped in his lap, the navy blue skirt clinging to her shapely legs and leaving her thighs bare. Her breasts. Shit, her breasts. They hung right below his upturned little nose, calling to him. He knew they were big but sitting here, staring down at them, feeling their weight, they seemed even bigger than he’d imagined.

Curious, Will brought his hands up to his breasts. He hesitated for a moment, aware that this body was only on loan and not really his to touch. But scientific curiosity—and his residual attraction for this body—got the better of him. He placed Mrs. King’s hands on his breasts and squeezed gently, fingers pressing against the bra hidden beneath the silken fabric. They felt wonderful. Heavy and perky and jiggly as he explored himself. Most of the guys in the school would kill to watch Mrs. King fondle herself. Which reminded him…

Will pushed himself out of the chair and walked to the door, his big boobs jiggling, his tight ass swaying behind him. The room seemed so much bigger from Mrs. King’s smaller perspective, and it took a few steps to get used to the way his new body moved. Will locked the door and returned to Mrs. King’s chair behind her desk. He sat down in the creaky leather office chair and stared back down at the new body beneath him. He unbuttoned his blouse and stripped it off before dropping it to the floor. It had been cut to fit his body and he didn’t realize until he’d peeled it off how constricted he’d been. He gaped down at his succulent breasts, covered only by a white bra. The cups holding back Mrs. King’s heavy boobs looked enormous, and he was taken with the urge to free them and let his tits hang out. Will took a deep breath, his breasts rising as he did so.

He leaned forward and, after a small struggle, unclasped his bra. He slipped one strap down his shoulder and paused. It felt wrong to be looking at Mrs. K like this. He almost put his bra back on but was stopped by another thought. This whole swap was her doing. Surely she didn’t expect him to stay clothed all day. How would he shower? Besides, it wouldn’t hurt just to peek. Will quickly slid the other shoulder strap off and dumped the bra onto the desk before he could have second thoughts.

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  1. I bought this book on smashwords but it it wont let me read the whole thing, it doesn’t even show in my library that I bought it but my bank account says otherwise. What do I do? When I try to buy it, it just says “you have successfully logged in, return to the home page”

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