Leading Her On – M2F Possession

Through a freak accident, Zach somehow finds himself stuck in the body of Charlotte, his adorable upstairs neighbor. He learns to control her and finds that his desires are becoming hers, and he can make her do everything he’s always wanted in Leading Her On, now available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold.

During lunch I induced her to go to the mall for some new clothes. Searching through the racks, every time she came up with something she felt was too slutty I overruled her thoughts, making her think it was a good choice to show herself off. She took armfuls of clothes into the change rooms, wiggling into tight black miniskirts, low cut blouses, and sheer dresses, all showing much more skin than she’d ever shown before. Again, my desire to see her body rubbed off on her, and each new change of clothes made the warmth inside her body grow brighter. By the time I made her grab a handful of thongs to replace her awful unsexy panties, she was so wet just from watching herself in the changing room mirrors.

Her pussy lips slid against each other wonderfully beneath the mini-skirt and low cut top she wore out of the store. I caught people glancing up at us, their eyes lingering on Charlotte’s beautiful tits that bounced with each step, then sliding down her bare legs as she confidently swaggered through the mall. We both wanted nothing more than to touch ourselves, to release this tingly, anxious energy.

She hurried by a sex shop but I pulled her back, forcing her to obsess about it until she gave in to my urge and went inside. She gathered up her nerve and purchased a big pink vibrator with two prongs, then hurried back out to her car in the parking lot. Each step was a beautiful agony of longing, weighted down by the knowledge of the toy in her shopping back.

Fuck yourself. Fuck yourself. Fuck yourself. I repeated, until she was practically running to the car.

She threw the bags inside, jumped into the driver’s seat and slammed the door shut. Without looking around, without caring whether anyone could see, she pulled up her skirt, yanked aside her panties and thrust her fingers into her waiting wetness. She sighed as her fingers landed on her pussy, stroking like mad. Her pussy was incredible to feel from the inside as she massaged her velvety folds. She knew just how to touch herself, her delight unimpeded by any hint of the self-consciousness I kept at bay. I sunk into her pleasure and we enjoyed her body as one.

We spread our legs, fingers circling through our slickness as the delightful musky scent of our cunt filled the car, alongside the wet sounds of our fingers in our pussy. We squeezed our tit with the other hand, the pleasure overriding all other instincts. We stopped only once to scramble through the bags with sticky fingers and rip open the vibrator. Turning it on, we aimed the largest of the two buzzing tips against our opening, following the line of our slit up and down before sinking lightly inside. We could feel it penetrate us, our lips parting to welcome the bulky object inside.

We moaned as we ran it gently up and down our slit, increasing the pressure, spreading our legs wider until it slipped in past our tight entrance. We stared down in delight at our beautiful pussy, watching the vibrator disappear inside us, between our furry lips, filling us with a delightful, throbbing buzz. We sank inside slowly, body humming with energy, little sighs escaping our lips. It felt so perfect to be filled, and when the smaller prong finally landed on our clit, it was like connecting a circuit. We cried out suddenly, hips thrusting up, pussy tightening around the toy as we came hard and fast. The orgasm was quick and intense and we gripped our tit tighter, wringing pleasure from our body.

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