Just gotta squeeze

“Oh my god, I just gotta squeeze that ass,” Tanya said, as she gripped her former bottom. It was so plump and grabbable beneath her fingers and made her boyfriend’s cock stir in her pants.
Her boyfriend, Neil, turned to look up at her with a knowing smile. “See? That’s why I did it all the time! It’s kinda fun to have, too.” He said, wiggling his cute butt.
Tanya had talked Neil into swapping bodies so he could take her test for her. But now it was Tanya who was distracting her boyfriend from studying.
“Are you always this horny?” Tanya asked.
“Do you want me to study or not?” Neil laughed.
‘Definitely study,” Tanya said, as she reached beneath Neil and unbuttoned his jeans. She tugged them down his legs and gazed at his beautiful plump ass.
“You say that…” Neil purred.
“Don’t let me distract you,” Tanya replied, gently spreading Neil’s legs.
It made it difficult for Neil to concentrate when Tanya slipped her hand between his legs and began stroking his new pussy. Neil closed his eyes and sighed, enjoying the warmth flitting through him as his girlfriend made him wetter and wetter. It became even more difficult to study when Tanya dipped her head between her former thighs and began licking his pussy.
Neil gave up any pretense of study when Tanya slid her cock in between his soaking pussy lips and rode him long and hard. He bucked and came beneath her, enjoying this reward for his troubles.

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