In the Game (Part 2)

Ethan’s copied himself into the minds of Tessa and Ava using the mysterious app on his phone and is enjoying being in their bodies, slowly turning them into objects of lust to please his male self, all the while searching for more women to add to his eSports team, in In the Game (Part 2) available on Smashwords or Amazon.

Ethan pulls off his headphones and sits back in his gaming chair. The new leather creaks beneath him as he shifts and rubs his eyes. Tessa (with Ethan inside) hops off her chair and skips over to him, black pigtails bouncing. She’s dressed in a skimpy skirt and a belly shirt that shows off her slim physique. There’s a lollipop thrust between her kissable lips, completing the schoolgirl outfit.

“You want a neck rub, baby?” She asks in her high pitched voice with the ridiculous bimbo accent.

Fuck, it’s hot seeing formerly intelligent, lefty Tessa parading around like a dumb, slutty schoolgirl. Her tiny powerful fingers dig into his neck and he sighs as she massages him. The copy of Ethan’s mind inside Tessa also likes making her do these things, and enjoys the feeling of her tight little pussy growing moist as he services his real body.

“Ooh, my little pookie’s so tight,” Ethan-Tessa says around her lollipop.

She massages him slowly, moving down towards his torso, letting her breasts press against the back of male Ethan’s neck. She smells Ethan’s familiar masculine scent, the smell of her former self crisp and enticing through Tessa’s exquisite nose, and feels the ready Pavlovian response of her body as it warms even more.

“Can I please give you a blowjob, daddy?” She whispers into his ear.

Ethan nods and Tessa swivels the chair around so it faces her. She tosses her pigtails behind her with a shake of her head and kneels between his legs. She strokes his member through his pants and looks up at him with a girlish giggle. He strokes her dark hair like a dog, like his pet. She unbuttons his pants and he helps her shimmy them down his legs. Then she rolls down the hem of his underpants and his cock springs out to greet her.

“Ooh, yummy!” She giggles again, setting her lollipop aside to open her lips and drop down on his dick.

She kisses the head, her warm little lips meeting his hot cock. He’s got a delicious musk that her body craves, and it doesn’t hurt that she has all the memories of her former male body, so this cock feels familiar and safe. Like she’s blowing herself. She opens her sultry lips and sucks him all in. The head of the cock travels over her tongue and she sinks down on the shaft, her tongue gliding across each perfect ridge, undulating against his hot hard-softness until she’s holding him entirely inside. Her nose is pressed against his pubic hair and she deep throats him easily after long practice.

He grabs hold of her ponytails, holding them out of the way so he can watch her suck his dick. She raises her lips off his shaft with a wet pop, stroking the saliva-slick cock with her petite fingers as she looks up and giggles at Ethan.

“Fuck, it’s so hot watching you do that.” He sighs.

“Ooh, I love sucking your huge cock!” She says, opening up her mouth and swallowing him again.

And he does taste divine. Now he grips her ponytails and forces her head down, down his shaft, holding her there, before yanking her back up. He uses her hair to control her, driving her lips up and down his slick shaft. She loves it, living only to serve him. Her pleasure is his, because he is her. Her lacy panties are so damp, and she chokes and sputters as he drives her mouth down and up his shaft, faster and faster, the cock hitting the back of her throat making her choke briefly. He uses her as his fucktoy until with one final yank he drives her lips down his dick and explodes into her mouth. She moans as she swallows him, the hot spurts of salty cum jetting across her tongue and down her throat as she swallows. She can’t get enough, and latches her lips around his shaft, drinking every drop until he slows and stops.

Only then does he release her and she glides her lips up his softening shaft, her hand still clamped around the base as she frees him, a single strand of saliva connecting her lips to the swollen head of his dick. She brings her nose close, watching as the last little drops of cum appear on the head, then she leans in and licks them off, cooing as she does so. She looks up at him, fingers still around his cock, her cheek resting on his warm thigh.

“Feeling better?” She asks.


“Good.” She nods, then stands and stretches, which causes her ridiculously small skirt to pull up and reveal a flash of firm buttocks. “Because I need a break.”

“You got it.” Ethan says.

He picks up his cell phone beside his computer and opens the Clone ‘Em app. Going to the ‘Filled’ table, he selects Tessa’s name, emptying his mind out of her body and back into his own, bringing with it all her memories. He remembers sucking his own dick, how wet it made him and how delicious it tasted, while at the same time he remembers having his dick sucked, jamming Tessa’s little lips down his shaft and forcing her to drink his cum. It’s hot from both sides.

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  1. It’s a real masterpiece! I love it when a character has the ability to copy his mind (Like your previous book copy-paste or thought experiment) .

    Thanks for all these fantasies 😉

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