In the Doghouse (New Book)

My latest story In the Doghouse is available now on Smashwords:

Jenny should have been the one going to cheer leading practice and making out with her boyfriend. Instead, she lay her muzzle on her paws and whimpered softly as she watched her former body get dressed in her sexiest skirt.

At least the dog in her body had been housebroken…eventually.

Princess enjoyed sliding the dress over her tight little human bottom, adjusting her new curves beneath her bra and touching up her makeup as tiny Jenny watched from behind. Princess enjoyed the freedom and intelligence of being a human and she never wanted to switch back. Life was exciting and new.

And her body grew wonderfully warm whenever she thought about Jenny’s boyfriend and slid her hands across her unfamiliar, sensitive skin.

With every passing hour Jenny could feel her human abilities slipping away. Unless she did something soon, what was supposed to be a temporary experiment would be a permanent life changer.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Includes a bonus story “Tomboy” in which a young man takes over the body of his athletic friend for a day to explore her muscular form and experience life from the female perspective.


I lay in my new room, caressing my feminine form gently. My hands played over my supple breasts and I watched from my new perspective as I made Jenny’s hands fondle her body. I was still recovering from my first orgasm as a woman and every now and then my body would pulse with an aftershock.

I was smarter than I had ever been. I seemed to have almost fully integrated with Jenny’s thoughts and memories. It was still a little tricky to turn these into sentences, but I was getting better all the time. As I twisted my legs languidly on the bed and sucked on my still sticky fingers I began to devise a plan. I would have to swap back temporarily, but if it worked, I wold have Jenny’s supple body forever. Then I would mate with everyone. Oh, yes I would.


When I saw the smoke coming out from our chimney I almost turned right back around to school. Even another hour of cheerleader practice would be more relaxing than whatever was happening in the house. The smoke could only mean that Dad was working on one of his inventions again and I didn’t feel like holding his hand through yet another failure. He usually kept hush about his gadgets until they were ready to do whatever they were supposed to do. Whatever it was, the chances of it working properly were, like, a bazillion to one.

I’m home,” I called out as I stepped through the door.

I was immediately greeted by Princess, my pet Chihuahua, as she jumped up and down and shivered frantically. I took her up in my arms and fussed her properly. “Hello girl, where’s dad?”

You’re home!” Dad said as he trudged up the basement stairs. He was wide eyed with excitement, but then again, he usually was when he was working on one of his projects. “I’ve been waiting for you to get back, Jen, I’ve invented something amazing. You’ve got to see it!”

Amazing?” I slung my purse over the couch and sighed as I untied my ponytail and fluffed my blonde hair. “What is it this time, dad?”

He didn’t answer, just grabbed me and pulled me down to the basement where he did most of his inventing. He had his own small space down there. I only ever go down there when he’s ready to unveil something. The basement was a large room filled with gears, gadgets, and scrap metal from the scrapyard. Dad spent half his time putting all the small bits of broken junk together to form, well, larger bits of broken junk. The other half of his time he spent wondering where it was he went wrong.

This time, as we descended the stairs I noticed something distinctly different. Sitting at the center of the basement was a strange machine. It looked like a giant 1980’s computer crossed with a massive vacuum cleaner. Two tubes protruded from the top, each attached to a large bowl that dangled over two dining room chairs that dad had dragged down from upstairs.

Princess barked at it, and I stroked her as I tried to thing of something encouraging to say.

It looks…big.”

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it; Dad had never invented something like this before. His inventions were usually just obvious things that were supposed to do other things, like a bookshelf that organized your books, or a self-ringing doorbell. Stupid stuff with no merit. This was something else. I had no idea what stuff this thing was supposed to do. It whirred and beeped occasionally and one yellow light kept pulsing on and off.

What is this?” I touched one of the thick rubbery tubes.

Are you prepared for this?” he smiled broadly. I’d never seen him so ecstatic. “It’s a body swapping machine!”

A what?”

A body swapping machine,” he confirmed. “It allows two living things to switch places! Two people, two animals, a person and an animal, an animal and an animal…well, I guess that’s two animals–”

You can’t be serious.” I interrupted.

Oh, I am,” he grabbed my shoulders tightly and looked straight into my eyes. “I thought you could be the first one to try it!”

Whoa!” I wriggled out of his grasp and snorted. “I’m not testing out that thing for you. Imagine if it worked! I don’t want to be in my dad’s body. Gross.”

Not your dad’s body,” he said, reaching out to stroke Princess.

Then who—” I stopped. I saw him looking down at my dog.

No,” I said, “That’s not happening.”

It’s harmless, I promise,” he said, “And it won’t be for long.”


Come on, Jenny,” he pleaded, “I’d do it myself, I really would, but I need to stay here in case something goes wrong,” then he added, quickly, “Not that anything could go wrong mind, but one must take precautions.”

There’s no way it would work. This invention would be another in a long line of inventions that would fizz out, spark, and fail. The only difference this time was that my head would be inside of it when it did. I trusted my dad so that, even if it didn’t work (and it wouldn’t), he wouldn’t let me get hurt. I looked at the machine, looked down at my lovable dog, and then back to my father.

A car,” I said, “The one you promised me for my eighteenth birthday last month.”

He considered this for a moment, then grinned, “Okay,” he said, “If you do this, I’ll buy you a car. That pink one you wanted!”

It better be the exact model, dad.”

It will, sweetheart.”

I sighed deeply and nodded. Dad took Princess from my arms and placed her in one chair then instructed me to sit in the other. From my vantage point I could see dad push a single red button. Not very complex, then.

I was frozen in place for a few seconds as a piercing red light beamed down onto me. I was strangely calm even though I couldn’t move. My body felt so light all of a sudden. This was followed by a disorientating, dizzying sensation. I didn’t even think that anything had happened except the room was spinning a little. And the chair seemed so high off the ground. I tried to stand up and just couldn’t do it. My back legs found it extremely uncomfortable and would only stay up for a moment or two. I looked back at myself and saw my butt had been replaced by two tiny hind legs and puffy tail of Princess.

Jenny,” Dad’s face came into view above me, “Are you okay?”

I looked around me, still taking it all in, and tried to speak.

Yip!” I tried to speak again. “Yip! Yip!”

I had the high-pitched and wimpy howl of Princess.

Yip! Yip! Yip!”

I was panicking a little bit as the situation sank in. My big ears flattened back against my head and I whimpered. His invention had actually worked.

It’s okay,” Dad picked me up an gently stroked me as I shivered in his tender grip. It was strangely calming. “You can’t speak as a dog, Jenny, but you can nod and shake your head. So first, are you okay in there?”

I shook my head. Of course I wasn’t okay. I was a stupid Chihuahua.

That’s when I noticed, well, me. On the other side of the room, Jenny was sitting underneath the machine and just coming around. A dog trapped in a girl’s body. She worked her fingers, flexing them over and over again, fascinated by the change. I stared down at my own mucky paws. They still had the pink nail polish on them from the make-over last night. Jenny managed to find her feet, with help from dad.

This is incredible,” he said.

No!” I screamed, but it came out as “Yip!”

He looked down at me, then back at the body of his daughter, “I suppose I’d better teach you both a few things.”

My old body, at first, preferred to crawl around on her hands and knees with her tongue hanging out. I was a little jealous that she got the choice. In a dog’s body it was either crawl around or don’t move. Dad spent most of the weekend with her, training Princess to be a proper girl, but she was still a dog inside. I had to pull her back with my teeth to stop my face eating from the dog bowl, slurping up the toilet water, and yelling at any squirrel she saw in the garden.

The worst of it was toilet training. YUCK. I was embarrassed for myself as I watched the new Jenny make messes around the house, soiling her pants several times in the process. It was exhausting and dad was no comfort either, he saw this all as a big experiment. A bit of fun. But it was my body he was playing with; he could have treated both of us with a little more respect. Still, by the end of the weekend she could walk, talk, and understand basic things. She was human-ish.

Me, though. Over the course of the weekend I had gone from an intelligent and functioning person to struggling with basic math. I must have spent an hour that Monday morning trying to add two and two together. This was worrying but I had no way of conveying my panic to dad. All I could do was yip and growl. Even as a Chihuahua I found it annoying to be barking all the time. Dad actually put me in the yard because of it. The yard!

The biggest shock of all came on Monday morning when it was time for me to go back to high school. Dad, thinking it would be best for his experiment, decided that Princess should take my place at school while I stayed home in the body of a mindless mutt. I was livid, but all I could do to express my anger was yip some more, which just got me sent out to the yard.

Not much longer,” dad said as he at me down on the patio, “Then you’ll get your body back.”

He closed the door and left me outside. It was humiliating.


Big Master dropped me off at the place I had seen before where we dropped Little Master off. It was called school. It was big. And gray. There were lots of people—students I think he called them?—walking around and talking. I was a student. But I was also Jenny. But I was also Princess. It was very odd. Talking was odd, too. It was strange having more than a few things to say but it felt good. I waited for Big Master to open my car door and let me out. When he did I ran out onto the grass. The day felt good. The sun was warm. But I couldn’t smell anything. That was really weird. I liked smelling things.

Have a good day at school Jenny.”

I’m Jenny,” I smiled.

Big Master got back into the car and drove off, leaving me on my own. I wasn’t on my own for long, though. There was a pat on my back and I leaned into it, expecting more stroking but the hand stopped. I turned around eagerly, remembering not to jump or stick out my tongue. Standing there was a man bigger than me. He looked strong. Really strong. It made me whimper. I fought off the urge to present myself to him. Big Master would have been proud.

Jenny,” he said, “Are you okay?”

I’m Jenny.”

Yeah, I know.” he snorted and raised an eyebrow. “Are you gonna join us or are you too busy with cheerleading practice or whatever?”

Yes! I will join you!” I almost shout with excitement “Sorry.”

The boy put his arm around me and held me tight. Finally, this close I could smell him. He didn’t smell like good sweat but yucky soap, like when Little Master comes out of the shower but hasn’t gotten dirty yet. But still, it filled me with a strange kind of warmth, a tingling even, and it seemed to be coming from my crotch. I resisted the urge, as master told me, to lick him. I bet he tasted nice.

The group looked up and greeted us as we approached. I guessed the boy with his arm around me was named John. John. It sounded nice to think. Every time I thought about him I got a little tingly.

Meeting the other guys was a confusion of emotion; there were so many of them. I’d never looked at humans like this before, usually relying on my smell. But they all looked different. Then again, I’d never really thought before either. I kind of liked it.

You coming to the party this Thursday, babe?” said John. He was looking at me.

I’m Jenny.”

Yeah, why do you keep saying that?”

I hung my head and drooped. Was John mad at me? What did I do?

One of the other guys looked up. His hair was red like the inside of a rabbit. “It’s gonna be super sweet, my parents left me two hundred bucks for food. It’s all going on beer.”

They all laughed together. John and the red haired guy bumped their fists. I laughed awkwardly, a few seconds after everyone else and they turned their attention back on me.

So?” John leaned closer. I felt the heat off his body, smelled that fragrance. Somehow it was…nice. I loved smelling things, “Are you coming?”

Yes,” I nodded eagerly, “I am coming.”

That made John happy. I was happy, too. I wagged my butt, then stopped when I remembered Big Master said I didn’t have a tail.

John took my hand and led me to a nearby tree. I recognized this tree, it was mine. Were we going to mark it together? He leaned in towards my face and I stayed still as I felt his lips touch mine. This was another good but odd sensation. He was warm on my mouth and he embraced me, cradled my head with his hand. Should I have presented to him now? Did he want me? Or was this just something humans do? I’d seen them before, doing this and not presenting after. It felt good having his arms around me. I couldn’t help myself and I opened my mouth and licked his lips. He seemed to like it and he pressed me closer. Now I was licking the inside of his mouth and my body was getting very warm and happy.

Then there was a bell and he let me go. He winked and walked away, “I’ll see you later, Jen.”

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