Leah was immobile, stuck in her brother’s brawny body while her former body and her other sistser sucked her new cock.
The Stranger had burst in on the family during dinner. Before anyone could stand he waved his arm and Leah’s vision jumped two feet to her left. She gasped as she looked down at herself and found that she was in her brother’s body, his broad chest spread out below her. Beside her, her former body screamed as her brother gaped down at his new breasts. He was silenced with a wave from the Stranger.
The Stranger then proceeded to swap the bodies of Leah’s older sister, Ashleigh, and her dad. With another wave of the Stranger’s arm Leah’s pants evaporated and her transformed brother and father launched themselves onto Leah’s cock. Mouths open wide, they took long loving licks of her shaft. She grew with each stroke, the pleasure too much to contain. Her own warm mouth felt so wonderful on her new shaft, and her dad expertly slid Ashleigh’s wet tongue up and down the underside of her veiny shaft.
They took turns swallowing her, surrounding Leah’s new cock with the tight wet heat of their mouths, sucking long and slow while beautiful tension filled Leah. When her brother slid her former lips all the way down Leah’s new shaft and held her deep inside, Leah came, grunting as she thrust up towards her own pillowy lips and her brother kept his mouth locked around her dick as hot cum jetted down his throat and filled his belly.
Then the Stranger waved his hand and Leah’s cock jumped to attention again so that her dad could get his fill of her load.

Chapter 7 of a serial about a misogynist transformed into his dream woman by a curse. His only way back is to take on 200 men in a year. Available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon.

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