I Wish (Body Swap) – Preview

Three explicit short stories of people finding themselves in someone else’s body and enjoying — or being forced to enjoy — their new pleasure in I Wish, available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold.

Three explicit short stories of body swaps in one steamy collection. Comprised of three brand new stories from body swap erotica bestseller M. Wills:

The Coin
Dave’s co-worker, Jenna, is the most annoying person on earth. Stuck up, fantastic at her job, and incredibly hot. So when Dave gets a magic coin that grants three wishes to transform anyone into anything, he doesn’t hesitate to use it to turn her into the perfect bimbo. The only catch is, Jenna gets the last wish.

The Genie
When two teens find a magic lamp, one ill-worded wish threatens to trap them inside the bodies of their own moms. But maybe there’s a bright side.

The Gem
In this male to male body swap, a high schooler swaps bodies with his stepsister’s boyfriend, intending to humiliate her. Instead, he finds himself falling for her and yearning to explore her perfect forbidden body.

These short erotic stories total 11,000+ words and contain themes of male to female bodyswapping, accidental and forced changes, swaps between family members, and lots of steamy solo, lesbian and couple scenes.

Dave hated Jenna. He hated the smug look on her slender face whenever she hung up the phone after getting another sale. He hated the way she talked down to him, as if he were some sort of moron who couldn’t dial a phone, much less clench an actual sale. He hated the way she stared mirthlessly at him with her emerald green eyes after he tried to crack a joke, making him feel unfunny and worthless, turning the conversation away from him with a toss of her dyed blonde and a bored “Anyway…”. He hated her nasally, high pitched voice that bored into his brain as he sat next to her, hour after hour, making sales calls. Jenna annoyed Dave to no end. He especially hated how she was so fucking hot and how much he wanted to spite fuck the hell out of her, hold her down and just drill into her tight little ass as she cried and begged for more.

Dave hated himself as he masturbated to her employee ID picture that he’d copied off the office database. Imagining those big doe eyes staring up at him, plump lips locked around his cock, round breasts jiggling as she sucked him off until he finally pulled away and came hard on her prissy face. Each time he promised himself it would be the last time he jerked off to her. But then he’d go into work and sit next to her, have her image seared into his brain, her infuriating voice echoing in his ears and by evening he’d have to take himself in hand to fantasies of her once more.

It was while walking through a flea market one weekend that his life changed. Dave was ambling through the crowded aisles, looking for old records. Every now and then he’d find a hidden gem for his collection that made the hours of searching worthwhile. He was stepping over baskets of knicknacks and worthless trinkets that spilled out into the pathway when he saw a flash out of the corner of his eye. He turned towards it and the crowd parted like Moses at the Red Sea. Dave found himself staring at an old woman holding up a shiny coin. Her eyes locked on his from the far end of the aisle and she nodded, encouraging him closer. The coin between her fingers sparkled with light. As soon as Dave laid eyes upon it he knew he had to have it. He didn’t know what possessed him; he’d never been one for old coins. But there was something about this one that called to him.

He made his way towards the old woman and she held it out to him.

“Ah, is this one glowing for you?” She asked in a delicate, lilting voice.

It was a strange question, because the radiant light was brilliant, like holding a light bulb in her hand. Dave just nodded to her question and she handed him the coin. It was warm and surprisingly heavy. The glow was mesmerizing and Dave peered up to see the old woman staring back at him, as though trying to read something in his eyes.

She was actually quite pretty. He could see traces of the startling beauty she must have once been. The wrinkles gave her an air of sophisticated elegance and Dave also noted, with a quick glance, that her breasts were still full and perky beneath her billowy, low-cut blouse despite her being at least sixty years old.

“You want someone quite badly,” the old woman said.

“Huh?” Dave asked.

She nodded to the coin. “This coin called to me when I wanted something. I’ve used up its powers and it’s looking for a new owner. Looks like you’re it.” She winked at him and laughed, a tingly gentle laughter that sent pleasant tingles up Dave’s spine. Her voice was beautifully melodic and he felt he could listen to her for hours.

“Powers?” Dave asked.

She leaned close to him. “This coin can mentally and physically change another person anyway you like just through a wish. But be careful. You get three wishes and the object of your affection gets one.”

“How do you know I’ll use it on her?” Dave blurted out.

She smiled knowingly. “The coin sensed your desires.”

“How much do you want for it?”

“Nothing. I don’t need anything anymore.”

Just then a young man slipped up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He nuzzled her ear and she pushed him away gently.

“Henry, we’ve got a customer,” she giggled, her cheeks blushing red.

Dave couldn’t help but gawk. The guy looked like he’d just walked off a movie set: chiseled jaw, roguish smile, impeccably coiffed hair and a body like a Greek god. And young. He couldn’t have been much out of college and yet here he was with this—admittedly well kept—much older woman and he was obviously smitten with her. Strangely, Dave had a pang of jealousy watching them together.

“As you can see,” she winked at Dave, “You have to wish carefully, because they’ll wish right back.”

Dave pocketed the coin and walked away, his mind racing. He glanced back once at the table, just in time to see the younger guy lead the woman away hand in hand. They were both giggly with excitement.

“Good morning,” Dave said to Jenna as he dropped his briefcase at his desk.

She glanced at him briefly and gave him a smile that didn’t reach her eyes, before turning away and fiddling with her computer. Dave let his eyes graze down her outfit. She was wearing a green vest over a white, long-sleeve knit shirt. The shirt clung to her form, revealing the contours of her body, and especially her heavy breasts. Her matching green skirt was conservative in cut, and ended just above her ankles. Her blonde hair was tied up in a neat bun that she carefully adjusted as he watched.

She turned and caught him looking. He quickly sputtered, “How was your weekend?”

“Oh my gawd,” she began, turning her lightly freckled face to him. “Amazing. My boyfriend took me to this little spa in the mountains. So expensive but worth it. I say you just have to treat yourself, you know? How was your weekend? You look tired.”

“Oh. Fine. You know.”

“You’ve got big bags under your eyes.”

“Do I?”

“Yeah. Maybe it’s your diet. You know, you shouldn’t eat dairy. It’s really bad for you. Having any dairy at all in your body makes you fat and it’s really bad for your skin.”

“Cows seem to do okay with it.”

She peered at him for a beat, eyes flicking over his face. “Anyway…”

Sara came up to Jenna’s desk before Dave could reply and the two women began gushing about some stupid reality TV show. Dave tried to ignore them but Jenna kept punctuating their conversation with nasally cries of “I know!” and “Oh my gawd” followed by her annoying giggle.

Dave slid his hand into his suitcase and grasped the coin, tired of their inane chatter. He mumbled under his breath, “I wish Jenna was addicted to my cock.”

The coin warmed briefly between his fingers. He dropped it back into his briefcase and sat back in his chair as he adjusted his computer. The conversation beside him faltered as Jenna became distracted. Dave ignored her even as he felt her glancing over at him. The conversation faltered into ums and aws until Sara left. Dave started typing, deliberately ignoring Jenna, even as he was aware that she was shifting around in her chair and staring over at him. Finally, she rolled her chair closer to his and put her hand on his shoulder. It was the first time she’d ever touched him.

“Dave, um,” she giggled nervously.

He looked over at her with a slight smile. She bit her lower lip nervously while she fidgeted in her chair, long legs jiggling up and down.

“Yes?” He asked.

“I, um, oh,” she laughed again, her eyes darting around the office. She leaned in closer to him and whispered. “I don’t know what’s…I mean, I need to, um…can I speak to you privately in the conference room?”


He pushed back from his desk and followed her bouncing little butt down to the nearest conference room. She closed the door behind him and then closed the two blinds on the windows facing the rest of the office before coming up so close to him. He could smell her vanilla scented body wash and see the little gold flecks in her green eyes.

“Dave, I, oh my gawd, I can’t believe I’m asking this.” She giggled again. “Can I…can I suck your dick? Please?” She begged.

Dave laughed. “Whoa. I didn’t know you were such a slut.”

There was fire in her eyes suddenly. “How dare you? I’m going to report you to HR.”

So, apparently being addicted to his cock didn’t mean she liked him.

“Well, if you report me I’ll get fired. And then you won’t get any of this.”

Dave unbuckled his pants and dropped them to the ground. She was on her knees in an instant, scrambling for his cock. She lunged her lips onto his cockhead before it was even fully erect and began sucking, her retort muffled by his dick.

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  1. Read this story so much! Enjoyed each vignette! Favorite ones were the big black guy! and swap into the big basketball player (not the main focus of the story but still hot!)

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