Husband and wife forever

Request: Absolutely love your work. How about a Medallion of Zulo where a husband finds the medallion and decides to use it on his wife (Mysti) but after feeling her body as her, he decides to make the swap permanent by seducing her husband (former Mysti).



  1. I am really longing to become a real woman forever, and I sincerely love it if I would become such a lovely, gorgeous woman permanently, irreversably being sealed in this way. I want to be extremely consciously aware of it at the moment that I receive that delicious cum load inside me, happily enjoying the fact that I will stay a woman irreversably forever!!! – Tom –

  2. I really want to be such a lovely, gorgeous brunette myself, feeling my husbands dick inside me, giving both of us mutu pleasure and eventually releasing his cum load inside me, and that I will at the same moment consciously become aware that receiving the cum load inside me seals both of us forever in the opposite sex, filling me with overwhelming joy …. . – Tom –

  3. I sincerely wish to become such a lovely brunette by having sex, being consciously aware of the sealing by receiving the cum load inside me…. . – Tom –

  4. I have only one request: to be swapped into the body of a very lovely, slightly chubby, curvy, fertile, attractive Asian woman (Indonesian, Chinese, Filippine, Japanese) with long, black hair who prefers to wear leather skirts and leather leggings, and then being sealed as a real woman irreversably in this way for the rest of my life. – Tom –

    1. I would like to do it 😍 I would love to experience being the wife and taking care of my husbands needs 🍆

  5. lol – normally Zulo doesn’t have a “permanent” affect, (just the 12-hr rule, and now swapping while pregnant or during your period). Except that I see you used a different medallion, Zulu. 😉

    Very hot pic.


  6. Oh my god, this was a steamy one! Absolutely loved it! Great use of language to illustrate a stunning image. Incredibly hot! 😀

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