How the pro does it

Request: Hey! I’ve read your captions for a long time and there amazing! I was wondering if you could do a caption where a mother swaps her son with a prostitute for harassing his girlfriend and in the end he likes it too much and wants to stay in her body and refuses to swap back? Thanks!

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  1. Hey. Love all your caps and I’ve reread them to the extent of knowing must of them by heart and also read your short stories on amazon. All your work is amazing and no one out there makes captions like you. I just wanted to ask you two things. One if you would think about trying gif captions in the future. And two if maybe there was a chance you could do a longer story next time and maybe follow the main character more intently instead of shorter stories. Something like “into her body” but longer. And if you had to charge a little more than usual I personally wouldn’t mind, I love your work and would like to see a more fleshed out story. Anyway, keep up the great work!!!

    1. Thank you, that’s nice to hear! I admit I don’t have a lot of experience with gif captions, or any, really, though I do like them myself. I’ll do some research. As for longer stories, I do like those also, and I’ve got a few in mind. I’ve been working through a backlog of commissions at the moment, but things usually quite down over Christmas/New Year’s so I hope to write a longer story then. I’d really like to finish up my first story, the Swapping Stone. I know how I want it to end, I just don’t have the time to write it right now (this is only a part time gig after all my other RL obligations!)

      Thank you for reading!


  2. Meanwhile the prostitute in Dan’s body probably has some professional curiosity about how it feels for guys and perhaps gets one of her friends to show her, or persuades the girlfriend.

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