Hopper couple

"Let's try this dick out on a woman, huh?" Geoff said, plunging his stolen hand down Harvey's bathing suit and grabbing his cock. Geoff pressed his stolen tits against his friend and stroked the dick, making it grow hard beneath his fingers as Harvey grinned.
Geoff and Harvey were bodyhoppers scouting out a resort. They thought they'd found a good couple in the hot blonde cougar and the younger man. Only after hopping their bodies and flipping through the young man's phone did they find all the pictures of him with other men and realized he must be gay. That never bothered hoppers; they decided to have fun with their bodies anyway.
When Harvey was rock hard and Geoff could feel his palm sticky with precum, Harvey shed his clothes and yanked up Geoff's dress. Geoff laughed and lifted a leg onto the counter, spreading himself for easier access into his moistening pussy.
Harvey thrust in, enjoying the tight warm wetness of Geoff's stolen body, the sight of that beautiful ass and those perfect pussy lips parting for him. The slap of his groin on her ass filled the room, and he kept his eyes locked on his stolen cocked as it pumped into the dripping pussy of the older blonde beneath him. Finally, with a groan he plunged in deep, pumping Geoff's pussy full of hot cum. Geoff moaned and arched his back, enjoying the warm spill of heat filling him as his tits bounced beneath him. Whoever this woman was she definitely enjoyed this thick cock inside her.
Just as they finished there was an anguished cry of "What the fuck are you doing to your mom?" from behind.
Harvey whipped around to find another young man in the doorway staring at them. Probably his current body's boyfriend from the looks of it.
'We're a very close family," Geoff joked, wiping the cum from his inner thigh and licking it off his finger.

Five previously published erotic short stories by best-selling body swap author M Wills, available on Smashwords or Amazon.

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