Holiday sale on at Smashwords

Hi all! I’m happy to announce that from now until 1 January, nine of my books will be on sale at Smashwords for half off. You can buy two for the price of one. Or four for the price of two. Math! Titles on sale include:

The Swapping Stone

Into Her Body

Quick Change

The Price of Wishing


Alternate You

Switching Campus

Borrowed Lives



And, not on sale but new in stores this weeks, Becoming His Crush, on Smashwords or Amazon! Read a preview here.


  1. I know its bad form to be picky about things that are free, but when you release a book, could you throw in a caption either just before or just after you release the post for the book? Its just that I come by just about once a day to check and see if you did a caption but I can tell that when you haven’t released one for a few days its because your writing another book. I know this is the highest level of first world problems but over the course of a few years it can finally become a little tedious. Best regards, an anonymous fan.

    1. I’ve been doing four posts a week for about two years now with only the occasional additional caption here and there. I’ve been sure to keep posting at the same rate even when writing a book. The excerpts from the books kind of serve as captions (I’ve just left out pictures recently). Four posts a week is about my limit even when not writing a book. So I appreciate the enthusiasm for my captions and I’ll simply take your comment as a compliment.

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