Hive mind therapy

Request: Daniel and his girlfriend Tracy are undergoing a “hive mind therapy.” It blends their minds into one, so they can understand each other on the deepest level. The new “Daniel-Tracy” also loves the fact that it can experience sex in two bodies simultaneously.

The best part of hive mind therapy – where a couple’s consciousness was split between two bodies so each could share at the same time – was getting to know your partner on the deepest possible level. The second best part was the sex.
Daniel and his girlfriend, Tracy, had been getting used to their new shared bodies ever since the therapy that morning. It had taken some practice to work together, coordinating their two shared bodies to work in tandem, experiencing everything through two sets of senses. By the evening they had more control and could start to enjoy their new bodies. Each felt the delight of the other at being in their lover’s body. Tracy picked up on Daniel’s lust and was carried along with it as they both began exploring their bodies.
Watching Tracy touch herself, feeling the sensations as her hand stroked her ripe tits, made Daniel hard. Tracy felt her cock growing at the sight of herself, their twin urgencies making a delightful tension creep through their bodies. For Daniel, it was odd kissing his girlfriend and feeling his lips on her breasts from the other side. Odd and wonderful.
Tracy’s legs were soon spread wide and they both moaned, Tracy sank her head back into the pillows as she was filled, both of them feeling themselves sliding into a slick wet opening, and being spread apart by a thick cock. When Daniel came, Tracy came with him, both of them sharing an orgasm that reverberated through their twin bodies, filling and being filled as they enjoyed the best sex of their lives.


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