His own medicine


As Harry approached the man having a smoke in the alley from behind he felt the now familiar full body tingle that meant the nanites were at work again, picking up the thoughts of the stranger and rearranging Harry’s body into the man’s fantasy woman.

Harry tried to stop himself but his body didn’t obey, instead continuing to strut towards the man as long hair cascaded down Harry’s shoulders, his face morphed and softened, even his clothes changed. The mini-skirt from the previous man’s fantasy morphed into fishnet garters, leaving his new breasts exposed to the chill air. The man turned around and froze at the sight of the woman advancing towards him. His mouth gaped.

‘Susan?’ he gasped.

Harry didn’t know who Susan was. An ex lover? A secret crush? It didn’t matter. Since Harry’s girlfriend had caught wind of his plan to use nanites to control and transform her and had instead injected those same nanites into Harry he had been under her control. She gave him a taste of his own medicine and ordered him to approach strange men, whereupon the nanites would transform Harry’s body and mind. Not only would Harry look like the man’s dream girl, he would have an aching desire to do anything the man wanted.

It had only been a couple of days but already Harry had been wives and friends, co-workers and, once, a sister. In various forms he had been fucked in the ass, given numerous blowjobs and, once, made slow sensual love to these strangers.

Brooke Adams1


This time Harry felt his body getting on its knees and pulling out the man’s cock. He took it between his soft lips and tasted it, let it fill Harry’s feminine mouth with its soft hardness. He wanted to hate it, to stop, but the worst part was that he couldn’t, he wouldn’t. He loved it, all he wanted in this body was to fulfill this man’s desire so he slid his lips up and down the shaft as the man closed his eyes and grunted, louder and louder as Harry’s soft new lips slid up and down the glistening cock until finally the man yelled out and grabbed Harry’s hair, pulling Harry’s face away as the man’s cock pulsed and covered Harry’s lips, his breasts, with cum, that dribbled down, warm and wet, to his pussy. At the same time Harry’s new body rewarded him with a warm orgasm, the stranger’s satisfaction his only desire.

Brooke Adams

Then Harry stood, wiped his lips and sauntered around the corner as the stranger gaped, still grasping with what had just happened. Harry desperately hoped he could get back to his apartment before getting too close to another man. But he couldn’t.


Request: Could you do a caption where a guy buys black market nanites to turn his girlfriend into a subservient sex slave and things go wrong… Very wrong given her girlfriend decides to auction her.


  1. A boy named tristan is turned into is prosatuite of an aunt and he is mind control ed and has a sudden urge to give everyone a nice blowjob and his aunt should have big breast blonde hair not much intelligence but super slutty thanks contact me at

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