Here comes her son

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  1. “…
    But, of course, Betty and her son, Mason, weren’t the only ones in the family affected by the passing of the Role Exchanger. Quite the contrary! Despite the fact that some of those in its wake found their new lots in life too overwhelming to cope with, there have been some who have managed to become relatively comfortable with their new arrangements.

    While beautiful Betty’s boy bits cannot seem to get enough of her hubby, Lionel’s erotic enthusiasm for her feminine form, his new pussy – formerly that of Mason’s girlfriend, Gloria – simply cannot get enough of their son’s former manhood. So, Gloria’s seductive submissiveness and deep desire to conceive a child by their son having also been exchanged with Lionel’s strong, protective, paternal instincts has proved helpful in this family’s desire to stay together.

    All of that makes days like this, (which is most of them), especially erotic for the mature couple. When Lionel gets home from the office to find his beautifull Betty stroking her hard cock he just cannot wait to please her in any way she wants while his needy pussy dampens with the desire for getting filled by his wife’s manhood.

    “Oh, honey! Let me help you with that,” he purrs at the vision of Betty beating-off. Shedding his pants and shoes in a flash Lionel is on his knees with one hand inside his wet womanhood and the other wrapping around her erection as their eyes joyfully meet past the beatutiful breasts and femal form of Betty’s body.

    Beginning to blow Betty, Lionel’s eyes close as his fingers fondle his feminine folds and tunnel into his tight twat in anticipation of getting himself filled with her stiff fuck-stick while Betty watches their reflection in the patio door. Turned on by the combination of viewing her sexy self and the knowledge that her husband’s slick snatch will soon be urgently enveloping her persitantly-protruding penis puts Betty quickly close to the edge… And makes her glad that her new equipment belonges to a young man!

    Hoping eagerly for the day that Betty pumps one of her eggs into his sperm-chamber, Lionel lays back and licks Betty’s blast from his lips as he spreads his pretty pussy for her penetration.

    Mason, for his part, finds some comfort in having his mother’s pussy positioned inside his own pelvis, (despite the paradox of now possessing the pussy through which he entered this world). Especially in light of Gloria’s glad use of his father’s phallus in his womanhood – which seem to fit together like hand-&-glove.

    Perhaps there’s more of this family’s tale to be told another time…

    Here’s hoping the best for you in the new year, M!

      1. Thank you, M!
        But, saying I’m “back” may be premature. While I’ve never stopped having fantasies & ideas for captions encompassing TG – and various other – transformations, this ‘epELLEogue’ is the first such writing I’ve done in MANY months. And it has also been months since I last read any caps. We’ll see how things go.

        Ever your fan! Peace,Love&Kisses!!!

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