Her: stories of body possession and theft

Her: Stories of body possession and theft is now available on Smashwords.

Three explicit, erotic tales of body swapping and body possession, as one person becomes another to explore their most intimate secrets. Stories in this collection include:

Further Reflection
A body hopper re-kindles an old flame, then hops inside her as a passenger to explore her life from the inside.

Tee Time
A man suspects a woman he meets at an upscale country club is an escort, and possesses her body to find out the truth for himself.

A witch is jealous of her husband’s ex, and uses her magic for punishment to steal the ex’s life and destroy her identity.

Further Reflection

I was at a low point in my life. I’d just been dumped by my long time girlfriend and the world seemed a desperate, hopeless, crappy place. I retreated to my home and my computer and got lost dwelling in the past. My thoughts jumped through my previous relationships—was there something wrong with me?—the handful of women I’d loved and lost and the others I’d never had. As my thoughts turned more and more to other relationships I’d had I wondered what I could glean about myself from the women with whom I’d been involved. Maybe I should use my ability as a bodyhopper to go back and see myself from someone else’s perspective. I didn’t use my ability a lot, preferring to live some semblance of a normal life, but sometimes it came in handy. However, I didn’t want to jump back into the woman who’d just dropped me, the feelings were too raw, but I didn’t know where to start. So it was lucky happenstance that I was to be sent on a trip to North Carolina for a business conference, because that was where Lucy lived.

I’d met Lucy during my second year in grad school when I was at a loose end and didn’t really know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Unlike me, Lucy was focused on her goal of making the world a better place. Throughout our time together she was always helping out in this or that cause, saving children, saving the whales, saving everything but money. She was incredibly politically progressive and we would have long, earnest conversations as we hiked through the woods near campus, occasionally taking a break from the conversation to scale a boulder or climb a tree. I would watch her progress up the cliffs, my eyes focused on her amazingly tight ass as her powerful legs propelled her higher and higher. She’d look down and cajole me to come up and join her, her blue eyes twinkling in effortless wonder.

Lucy and were never an official couple; we were more like friends with benefits. The sex was passionate and intense but that was the only intensity between us. When I pushed for us to be something other than friendly fuck buddies she objected. Apparently, she liked what we had and wasn’t interested in going any further. Her rejection—well, partial rejection, it didn’t stop the sex—perplexed me and was a constant thorn in my confidence. Again the question cropped up in my mind: was it something about me that women didn’t want?

Lucy and I had kept up on Facebook, but only in the way that her status would sometimes pop up in my feed and we’d comment every now and then on something the other had posted. I didn’t know what to expect when I messaged he to tell her I would be in town but she seemed excited to see me, or at least that’s how I read her message, which was filled with exclamation points.

When the day came I arrived at the agreed upon coffee shop with a few butterflies in my stomach. Would she still be the Lucy I’d been so attracted to? Would she take one look at me and think I’d let myself go? (I hadn’t, but when I get nervous my confidence takes a dive.) Would I even recognize her?

I needn’t have worried; I spotted her as soon as I came in the door and she spotted me at the same time. She waved me over then stood and gave me a hug. We sat down and said our hellos as I admired her all over again. She still had her auburn hair tied back in her familiar french braid. The delicate slope of her nose and the sharp angle of her cheeks were the same as ever. The bronzed arms poking out from her shirt were smooth and strong, the curve of the muscles still visible with every movement. She had a few extra wrinkles around her eyes when she smiled, but she was every bit as beautiful. More so, in fact, having grown into the confidence of middle age.

We fell back into our friendship almost at once as we filled each other in on our lives. She was teaching in an underprivileged school and loving it, still intent on saving the world while also spending time in the woods of North Carolina in her free time. She was happy and seemed glad to see me, filling me in on the broad details of her life, including the rough sketch of her current boyfriend, Michael. So it came as a surprise to me when she invited me back to her place but I went along, happy to spend more time with her after all these years.

She let me into her town house and showed me around, pointing out the various pictures and posters she’d brought back from her travels around the world. She was very talkative and seemed slightly nervous, but moved ever closer to me as we walked through the house, her arm casually brushing against mine and sending delightful tingles through my body. Finally, we reached her bedroom.

‘And this is the room where all the sleeping happens,’ she giggled.

‘Don’t they usually say “this is where all the magic happens?”’ I asked.

‘I don’t know,’ she said, coming close and gazing up at me with her deep, blue eyes, ‘Is this where the magic happens?’

And then she stood on tiptoe and her soft lips were on mine as her hands wrapped around my back and I kissed her back. I pulled her close, her warmth pressed against mine. She felt so nice, smelled so wonderfully familiar and exciting. All the memories of our time together came rushing back, growing my passion. She opened her lips and I slipped my tongue inside, tasting her once again as my hands ran up and down her back. With a quickening of intensity she pulled my shirt off over my head and pushed me back onto the bed, a seductive smile on her pretty face. She shed her top and bra and I had an instant to admire her powerful curves—the abs of her athletic body faintly visible as outlines beneath her tanned skin, her wonderful breasts still firm and smooth—before she launched herself onto me, straddling me beneath her wonderful body as I played with her breasts and we kissed some more. My hands wandered greedily over her soft, warm skin, across her nipples, which now stood out in lust, gripping and squeezing her magnificent tits.

As our breathing grew faster she shed her pants, and then pulled off mine and gazed lovingly at my erection before throwing one leg over me and straddling me once more. She lowered herself onto me, the head of my cock pressing up against the glistening lips of her pussy, the pressure building until, with a sigh, I slid inside her. She rocked back and forth on top of me slowly as I was surrounded by her wet heat. She gripped me inside hr as my hands grabbed her firm ass and pulled her down onto me, sinking deep into her center as she bounced. Her hands made their way to my chest, tracing my pecs, before she lowered her head and kissed me once more. Her hair cascaded over my head. I slid my hand against her soft cheek and through her hair, pulling her mouth towards mine, hungry for her body.

She pushed down and I filled her as she rode up and down, growing in speed and intensity. Our bodies were connected as one and we stared deep into each other’s eyes as I slid in and out of her wet lust as a wave of uncontrollable desire built within me. I wanted her as never before and we bucked together until her wet pressure pushed me over the edge. Grunting with pleasure I grabbed her butt tight with my hands and thrust up, wanting to fill her, to live deep inside her as I came, spurting my seed into her womb. She moaned as I emptied myself into her, her eyes closed now, breasts bouncing back and forth a her body was rocked in ecstasy.

Soon I was spent and she rolled off me, snuggling her taut ass against my still throbbing cock, pressing herself close as I wrapped my arms around her, my nose buried in her hair, smelling her familiar, earthy scent.

We lay there for a time, me clasping her from behind as one of her hands stroked mine absently. The strokes gradually grew slower, along with her breathing, until the regular deep rise and fall of her body told me she was asleep. I was content and confused and happy and sad all at once. I needed answers.

I needed to be Lucy for a while.


I gently nudged Lucy until she gave me a sleepy mumble of acknowledgment.

‘I have to go,’ I whispered, ‘I’ll call you later.’

She nodded sleepily and I moved as though standing up, but instead of hopping out of bed I hopped inside Lucy. My body disintegrated into a billion particles of energy and went speeding towards Lucy’s sleeping body. The bleak blackness of having no body was replaced by the feel of the bed against my bare skin. The confused, sleepy thoughts of Lucy’s mind surrounded me as I pushed my own mind back down inside her. I wanted to be her without controlling her, to feel what it was like to be Lucy and maybe get some idea of where I went wrong. No sooner had I relinquished my control than Lucy’s sleep crashed over me and I dozed with her.

We awoke groggily about twenty minutes later. As my consciousness returned I became aware of the beautiful, athletic body I now inhabited. We rubbed our eyes sleepily and I felt the soft contours of Lucy’s face beneath my gentle fingers.

(Where did he go?) I heard her mind ask. I’d already laid the groundwork for this by telling her I had to go so it was easy to create the memory of her watching me leave and offer it up to her mind. I intended this to be the only intervention in her thoughts. As I pulled back once more I caught a wisp of her feelings—satisfaction, longing, nostalgia and, was that a tinge of regret?

We sat up and stretched, the long hair tickling down our back, still bound in the braid, our firm breasts rising and falling beneath us. I could feel the power in her strong body. It felt so good, so sexy.

We stood and walked naked to the bathroom. We could feel my seed still inside her, still sticky on her thighs. It was a pleasant, full feeling (Mmm, just like old times.) as was the subtle, gentle feel of my pussy lips sliding almost imperceptibly against each other.

We turned on the shower and stepped in, the water warm against our soft skin. We ran our hands between our solid legs, washing the last of our afternoon away, to be replaced with the honey scent of her body wash as Lucy’s thoughts returned to me. The pleasant warmth of our most recent time together blended into a reflection on her past.

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