Harry Potter and the Wizard’s Staff

Hermione was already in one of the compartments of the Hogwarts Express when Harry entered.

‘Did you finish the polyjuice potion?’ Harry asked.

Hermione held up two flasks. ‘Of course, it was simple really. The books make it seem harder than it is. In fact I made some minor alterations so our clothes will change, too.’

The plan was to transform into Crabbe and Goyle to find out what kind of plan Malfoy was hatching and see if they could foil it.

Hermione handed one of the flasks to Harry. ‘Bottoms up!’ She grinned, and they both downed their potions.

Pain burned through Harry’s body. His insides seemed to be twisting and dancing, everything shifting around. Then his body seemed to lose form and melt, like hot wax, but instead of growing larger and thicker like Crabbe he seemed to be shrinking. His whole body slimmed out, fingers losing hair and becoming smooth and slender, long hair tickling down his back, his face smoothing and reforming with higher cheekbones, more rounded features. Even his clothes changed, his pants drawing up his legs and combining to form a skirt as his skinny, newly-hairless calves were revealed beneath. Looking at his reflection in the window he saw Hermione’s shocked face staring back at him and it took him a second to realize that he now had her body.

As Harry’s changes slowed he became aware of Hermione, thrashing in the car next to him as her own body morphed. Harry looked over at her, pushing his hair —Hermiones hair— hair out of his eyes in time to see Hermione’s former girlish physique finish the transformation into Draco Malfoy. Hermione grunted in pain, her new voice deep and low, as she fumbled with the front of her pants, fighting the material, eyes gripped tight until she managed to wrestle the zipper down and pull out her massive cock. Harry stared at the rigid shaft in front of him in disbelief as Hermione, changes finished, leaned back against her seat still breathing heavily. She looked down at her cock, then up to Harry.

‘I, um, may have made a few other modifications to the spell.’

Harry grasped for words as he stared at the rock hard cock, unable to look away. It seemed to call out to something inside him and his new body began to warm. ‘What–what did you do?’

‘Change of plans, Harry. I wanted to see what it’s like to be a guy. What do you think?’

Harry reached out a tiny hand and grasped the cock. It’s hot hard-softness surprised him, but the lust beginning to radiate through his body surprised him more. He wanted to suck on it, to explore it, to feel it inside him, to clasp it between the lips of his moistening pussy and ride it until it pulsed inside him.

‘I guess you like it,’ Hermione continued, ‘That means the attraction spell worked.’


Harry could only grunt in answer as he brought Hermione’s delicate lips onto the massive shaft. Opening wide he slipped the head inside his mouth, savoring it’s undeniably masculine saltiness. He tilted his feminine head up and down, each time going a bit lower, gliding his tongue down the cock that was now the centre of his universe, his everything. He wanted to control it, to have it control him. Harry was surprised to find that, as Hermione, he could take the whole cock, deep throating it until his nose pressed against Malfoy’s balls. He didn’t know if it was another component of the spell and he didn’t care. He wanted more. His lips rocked up and down, growing in urgency as Malfoy’s deep moans filled the car. Harry felt Hermione’s body practically gushing as he swallowed the cock, over and over again, while Malfoy thrust up to meet Hermione’s eager lips.

Even the knock on the window didn’t distract Harry from his passionate cocksucking, his new body voracious, hungry with lust. Hermione, in Draco’s body, waved a hand and the window became opaque from the outside. She settled back and let her old body continue, thoughts washed away by the ecstasy streaming from his pulsing manhood deep between her former lips.

Finally, Harry could stand it no longer. He pulled up his skirt and straddled Hermione’s new form, then slowly lowered Hermione’s body onto the shaft, surprising and delighting himself as the cock strained against Hermione’s asshole, before finally slipping inside.


Harry slid one hand between his legs to play with his excited, new clit while Draco’s cock pulsed inside him, filling him in ways he never knew he needed and he rode it harder, faster, Hermione’s body sweaty and her lusty grunts echoing the pulse of pleasure through his body until he felt the cock inside him spasm, filling him with hot seed and pushing his body over the edge. He screamed with pleasure and clamped his ass around the solid cock, milking the sweet cum until it slowed and stopped.

They lay there, tired and sweaty in their unfamiliar bodies. Harry had always wondered about Hermione, fantasized about her body but to be in it, to be pounded and fulfilled, well, that was better than he had ever imagined.


  1. I just saw this, dang, M, that was hot. And of course, messing around with polyjuice potion would be normal for a wizard-witch . . . lol


  2. HI, I would like if if a mother and son ( named Alex ) swap bodies after the mom yells at the son for playing too much games. After the swap the mom becomes addicted to games while the son masterbates in the other room. Thank you very much!

    P.S. If they were Asian that would be nice!

  3. Very nice, I’ve been waiting forever for a caption like this!

    This also is the fkind of caption that simply asks for a sequel!
    Maybe one where Harry tricks Ron into drinking the potion while a hair of Ginny is it ?

    I’ll leave the magic to you but please make a sequel!


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