Borrowed Lives: A Body Theft Short Story Collection is now available on Smashwords and Amazon. Find a preview here.


  1. Yeah, that’s some twisted shit, M! But, of course, there’s always room for more & greater twistedness!!!

    “… Jason decided to try staying calm if he was going to have to carry on this way for an unknown period – “Thank goodness this body is past that,” he thought aloud – so, in order to ease his nerves, he decided to do what his g-ma would do when things got tense at holiday and family gatherings.

    Walking slowly into her study so as to keep his feet under himself and minimize the foreign motions on his chest and between his legs, Jason opened the bar and mixed his – well, grandma’s – favorite ‘elixir’; A gin & tonic…heavy on the gin and light on the tonic with a refreshing, lime twist.

    Half an hour later – and half way through his second GIN & tonic – Jason’s silent musings were interrupted by the doorbell ringing and the immediate entrance into his grandmother’s house of a very well-built, young man carrying a folding, padded table and a satchel of various bottles.

    “What th… Who are…” Jason barely managed to – slur, if there had been any esses in his words – before the beefy stud had the table opened and was beckoning, “Ready for your … ‘Deep-tissue massage’, Ma’am?” the guy asked with obvious indication of the euphemism and an evident erection in his white pants. …”

    Well… Maybe?!

  2. Wow – A school bully with a swapping power. The chaos would wreck more than one life if he isn’t stopped and forced to fix things soon. Interesting story.


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