Girl on Girl (A FtF Collection)

Now available on Smashwords and Amazon by popular demand: six previously published stories featuring women switching bodies with other women. Stories in this collection include:

Long Live the Queen
Queen Isabelle’s daughter is refusing to marry and nothing will change her mind. So Isabelle swaps their bodies, intending to to do so just long enough so that Isabelle can marry her daughter off to the prince. But her young, new body is much more exciting than she ever dreamed, and there are so many perks to remaining young and beautiful.

Little Miss Perfect
Melody has a crush on Daniel, but Daniel (and every other guy at their school) has a crush on Katie. Maybe it’s Katie’s delicate Asian features, or her perfect figure, or the way she excels at everything she tries. Whatever it is, Melody wants it. Then one day she wakes up in Katie’s body and has it.

Forbidden Love
When Rachel finds a magic pendant that lets her transform into her hot friend, she uses it to explore her friend’s body and tries to capture the attention of her own stepbrother, with unexpected results.

The Other Woman
Veronica didn’t trust her fiancee so she came up with a plan to test him by using her witch’s magic to temporarily transform herself into Candi, the blonde stripper who keeps buzzing around their table at the strip club. When Veronica returns to her body she finds that her memories are slowly changing. Is it a flaw in the spell? Or something more nefarious?

Compact Mirrors
Ellie, an average looking and poor college student, accidentally swaps bodies with Summer, a mean, hot high school cheerleader. Now they both have to navigate their new lives while trying to back to their old. Until one of them decides they don’t want to go back.

Foreign Exchange
Chun isn’t happy about being volunteered to swap bodies with an American teen in the name of diplomacy. But when she lands in the body of Ashley, a cute high school senior, she discovers that life in another country — and as a sexy high school hottie — is much more pleasurable than she ever imagined.

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