Get thee to a nunnery

Isabelle had long ago ceased despairing at how horny she was and given in to her feelings. The temptation to touch herself would strike at the oddest times and she could never fight it. It was fine when she was in her cell, away from the others where she could slip her fingers down her panties in private and finger herself to an orgasm.
It was worse when she was wearing her habit and out working somewhere in the church grounds. Several times she’d almost been caught in the pews, her hand between her legs, a moan just on the tip of her lips. Today she’d just managed to find a quiet alcove before yanking up her habit and plunging her fingers into her warm wet pussy.
Some days she could go for hours without thinking of touching herself. Other days the urge seemed to occur all the time. Either way, she didn’t fight it. She couldn’t fight it.
Isabelle had no idea she was being controlled by a succession of guys with a nun fetish. There was a possession machine that had locked on to her brain wavelengths, and men could pay hundreds of dollars to possess her body for a few minutes. Isabelle thought every touch, every slip of her fingers inside her, every gasp and moan was her own doing, when in fact, it was a stranger in her body.
Today she came hard, clenching her legs around her fingers as she stifled a cry. When she finished, she adjusted her habit and prepared to rejoining the world, only to be suddenly overcome again and thrust her hands back between her legs as one man jumped out and another man jumped in. Her body was still warm and wet and she easily fingered herself to another burning orgasm.

A programming error led to an artificial super-intelligence fixating on pleasing Victor, and creates a device that allows it to possess anyone it wants. It uses it to put itself and Victor into a variety of different sexy bodies where they can explore all the pleasures of being women, while the women think every sensual thing they do is their own idea in Ghost in the Machine 2, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


  1. I love the possessions wherein the possessed person thinks it’s their own actions. I think it’s better when they check out their body and ‘for some reason’ they felt like they’d never had it before and found themselves attracted to their own body. Good cap.

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