Full time teacher

My Algebra teacher, Mrs. Barelli, was being a total bitch, calling me out in front of the class for throwing pencils at people. I mean, yeah, I did it, but no fucking way could she have seen me, she didn’t have no evidence, y’know? But when the bell rings she tells me to stay after class. I roll my eyes and get ready for another lecture about responsibility or some shit.


When the last student leaves Mrs. Barelli locks the classroom door and draws the shades. Then she leans against her desk in a sexy way. In my head I’m already writing one of those porn scenes, ’cause even though Mrs. Berelli’s just got tiny titties she got a nice ass and some damn fine legs and I know for a fact I ain’t the only guy thought about her sucking my dick.

She tells me, “Drew, I’m tired of giving you lectures. I’m tired of a lot of things in my life…nevermind.”

I’m thinkin’ damn, this is gonna be some straight up church confessional type shit. But instead she shakes her head and pulls off her fucking dress! Holy shit! And I stare at her body, like, full on gape at it. She’s wearing some sort of short shorts but I gotta admit I wasn’t looking at her legs, ’cause she had no bra on so I was looking at her little titties. For the first time in like, ever, I’m speechless.

“You want my body?” she asks.

I smile and nod. She takes my hand in hers, there’s a flash of light and I’m looking at myself, I mean at my body but I ain’t in it! I look down and see them small titties I was staring at. I grab them and notice my hands, hell, my whole body is hers. I mean, somehow I’m Mrs. Barelli. I start to hyperventilate, “Give me back my body!” I growl in Mrs. Berelli’s voice.

SurprisedTeacher- small

“Drew,” she says, “There’s only one way to get your body back. You have to let me cum inside you.”

“Oh, fuck no.” It’s weird hearing Mrs. Berelli swear. Hell, it’s weird talking, like my mouth and my teeth are all different and I’m suddenly aware of how naked I am. I cover my tits, feel my nipples poking out.

“Do you want to stay in my body forever?”

“No.” I say, then “Maybe. I can do some nasty shit in here.” I try to bluff her. I unbutton my shorts and slide my hand over her pussy — my pussy! — experimentally.

“Great. Then you can stay as me and have adult responsibilities like teaching and paying bills and everything that comes with being an adult and no one will ever believe you if you tell them what happened.”

I look up at my face, think about what it really means to be stuck as her and then think of the choice she’s making me make. Well shit, I’m in her body and it’s my dick so it’s not like it’s gay or nothing.

“Ok, Mrs. Berel– Drew,” I smile and twist one long strand of dark hair around my finger, “Come here and rock my world.”

My body smiles and pulls out my phone. “Let’s take some video first. A little memento when we swap back. Pretend you’re watching this at home. Alone. You can make me say anything you want.”

I smile, this could be good. I look into the phone and make Mrs. Berelli’s face pouty. “Hey, Drew. I can’t stop thinking about you and your cock. I just think about you fucking me so hard.” I slide her little hand down into my shorts and rub my pussy. Damn, that feels good. “I want to feel your dick deep inside me. Oh, God!” I let out a little moan and now I’m getting into this. Hell, hearing Mrs.Berelli’s voice is doing something to this body. I’m getting all wet and it feels so fucking good! I keep rubbing my moistening pussy faster and faster. “Oh, God. Fuck me right here on my desk. I’m a bad teacher and I need you to teach me a lesson.” I kick off my shorts and lean back as my body leans forward with the camera and gets a close up of my dripping pussy. My body feels hot and tight, in a good way. “Come on, take off your pants and fuck me.”

My body smiles and drops his pants. She grabs my thighs and before I can change my mind she slips her cock into me. I feel fucking calm and relieved like its totally natural, like it’s better than natural somehow and also I want her to pound the shit out of me. She knows this and starts slamming her cock inside me. With each thrust I moan louder and the pounding and the sound of Mrs. Berelli’s moans coming from my mouth almost like I’ve imagined back in my bedroom drive me wild. My body burns. Each thrust satisfies me in a deep way and I can’t think of anything except getting more and it’s like I’m cresting a hill and suddenly my head is flooded with the most awesome lightness and my pussy is filled with heat and my former cock spasms inside me and I grab my old body’s thighs and pull to impale myself on that dick and fill my new body full of hot cum again and again until all too soon it slackens and ends and I’m surprised that I want more.

My old body pulls out and smiles. I lean up from the desk, my knees still in the air and ask, “Ok, that was pretty fucking awesome and all but can I have my body back now?”

And my body says, “Sorry, Drew, I lied. When I came inside you I actually sealed the spell. It’s permanent now.”

I’m surprised and furious and can’t do anything but stare at him for a few seconds, my legs still in the air and my pussy still aching from being worked over.

SurprisedTeacher3- small


“What?” I sputter.

“Yeah, I wanted a new life and now I’ve got one. And I’m going to make it better than you ever could. Don’t even think about telling anyone because first of all they wouldn’t believe you and second of all this video of you could ruin your life. Now I’d suggest you start working on tomorrow’s lesson plan. See ya.”

He picks up my backpack and walks out in my body and I can’t even follow him because I’m totally naked and I’ve still got cum dripping out of my pussy and I’m stuck in this bitch’s body? What the fuck do I do now?


Requestnice captions would you please do series about a perverted middle aged teacher stealing the body of one of her male students if you get the time

This one’s been sitting in my request queue for a long time, hope you enjoy it!


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